Staying with Prospect Park, Sister Gull and Bed Bugs 5/23/16


Weird I have never been in an area or with a companion this long.

But I am so content. Meant to be here.

So this week Jean came to church and to our surprise she came into

relief society!!!! This is huge. She never comes into relief society

because she has a bunko group she plays with after 2nd hour.

Yes, she has a passion for bunko, when she told me that I knew I was

where I needed to be. Anyways, she is coming closer and closer to

baptism. I asked her why she thinks we notice such a wonderful change

in her after her trip and she said it is because she feels she is

closer to being baptized!

We met with Maddie this week, she is just incredible. She was so

confused at why others seeking for truth don’t just listen to

missionaries and read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it’s true. She

talked about what comfort the Book of Mormon has brought her and how

she cannot deny it’s truthfulness.

We also went with Lavone, one of our member’s friends (that we met at

the Mother’s Day Brunch) to a baptism for her good friend. She is

becoming super interested in the church but we had to give her to the

sisters in the next area over. However, the baptism was the most

incredible baptism I have ever gone to.

The sisters, (one of them being Sister Fife, my MTC companion) simply

taught the restoration during the changing time at the baptism. The

Spirit that filled that room was indescribable. Tears filled

everyone’s eyes including mine as they testified.

It opened up my eyes to the power and authority that has been given to

missionaries to teach with the Spirit. I was able to see more the

importance of always testifying.

I have taught the restoration a billion times but rarely has it been

taught to me. I have known it was all true, but how incredible it was

to hear it from an investigator point of view and feel the Holy Ghost

bearing a strong witness to me of its truth.

No one in that room would be able to deny the truth of that message

that’s all I know. Perfect baptism for Lavone to go to.

The message that we all share as church members is true. It is simply

true and it has been made known to me through the power of the Holy

Ghost. He will testify to all of our hearts the truth of Christ’s

message if we just choose to listen.

I am so grateful I don’t have to go knocking on people’s doors trying

to sell them something or decieve them into anything. I am grateful

that I can go with the Spirit and introduce a message to them I love

and live and know to be true.

Have a great week!

The bed bugs… Well stay tuned. I saw TWO crawling on me this morning

in a matter of 5 seconds. Prayers are much appreciated.

Pictures below:

A member had her friends Becki and Brian over for a lesson, she always

has people knocking on her door apparently so she stuck this sign

there. She was hoping it would help other people want to come in but

to her surprise no one else knocked.

This is a video of Maddie’s backyard

Our area is half extremely rich and half not extremely rich.

Oh look what we found. Bahama Bucks.

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