Bed bugs 5/16/16

Ohhhh what a week it was.

So it all started from Monday night. I decided to check my mattress

one more time for bed bugs. Ever since we have gotten in this

apartment (3 months ago) Hermana Clark and I have been getting what

looks like mosquito bites. People asked if it could be bed bugs and up

until my mission I didn’t even know bed bugs were a thing, a serious

thing too.

Sooooo indeed I checked UNDER my box spring which is something I was

too lazy to do before and lo and behold: bed bugs. Full of my blood.

Soooo we call Sister Van Cott and next thing we know, we are putting

EVERYTHING in black bags out on the porch to bake. As quickly as we

could, we carried out all of our box springs to the dumpster. They

ended up inspecting the place and all of the bed bugs were coming from

the corner where my bed was! Joy!!! They even found them in the


So for a few days we slept on just our mattress on the floor until

they could get us new mattresses and box springs, and a new couch.

They got us mattress protectors (picture shown below with our tired

faces) and told us to put bounce sheets everywhere to protect

ourselves (hence, picture below). We have managed to now wash all of

our clothes and everything and they sprayed the place earlier this

week. We need to use a bug bomb and have them spray one more time to

get rid of all of them though.

Please enjoy the pictures of those nasty little things that have been

full of my blood for the past 3 months.


Anyways, it was hard to sleep for a few days on my mattress on the

floor so I ended up getting a cold as well. No Bueno. But I was able

to push through and keep working and my cold is almost gone! It’s been

quite a week.

Now that I am done complaining:) here are some highlights:

Tina, my investigator in Mill Creek Ward got baptized!

It was such a happy day to be there with her. I love that woman. The

picture below is her with the Woodlands (my old Ward mission leader

and his wife aka one of the coolest families ever).

Jean Crittenden is back in town, she is our investigator with a member

daughter who has just been wanting to know if all of this is true. We

have been praying for her a whole lot since she’s been gone and boy,

there is a huge difference in her. She says she is starting to feel

that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet and she fasted yesterday to know

these things are true (something we have been asking her to do from

the start). She is so different it’s amazing. The power of sincer

prayer is real.

Jean was the only investigator that could make it to church but 3

college girls came in saying they were coming here for a religion

class and wanted to know more about the church so that was super fun.

As we sat next to them before church started one of them goes, “Wow.

The people are so friendly here!” They chose this religion to visit

because they said they had heard some interesting things so they

seemed to be very surprised we were normal friendly people. Woo!

Then in the middle of sacrament meeting brother Hawkins opens the door

and asks us to come out to the foyer. We walk out and there is

President and Sister Van Cott standing with a cute family. Turns out

the Van Cotts were there for a meeting and the family just walked in

the same time as them. They just moved here from Nigeria! It was a

mom, her sister and her son who is 15! The mom said she saw the church

and wanted to see what it was all about. She’s like “Is there someone

that can explain this to me?” Sister Gull and I were just like yes.

There is someone.

We have a lesson with them this week but pretty sure they’re out of

our area so we are about to make some missionaries day. Sweetest

family though, she took notes during gospel principles it was so cute.

We gave them Book of Mormons and pamphlets and they were so surprised

they were free!

Last night though, we saw a less active that had been referred to us.

Last time we knocked on the door she seemed to shove us away pretty

quick so we were kind of confused why we were going back. This time we

knock on the door and she lets us right in.

She further explains that a week ago her 11 year old daughter was

kidnapped and raped. They just had her funeral.

I was kind of in shock, my heart sank. It seemed so unreal. She

continued to show us pictures of her daughter and explain who she was.

She almost seemed numb when talking about the situation. Her son, who

was there, was kidnapped as well but got away. All he remembers is

seeing the man take his sister out of the car up over a hill then

coming back with just her jacket. He is six years old.

I’m still not even sure how to express what I want to say about this,

we prayed with them and she said she had gotten a priesthood blessing

and prayed outside the temple that day. She said there was no

coincidence we were there and thanked us for coming. I just kept

thinking how grateful I am for our knowledge of life after this and

this gospel that we can turn to when anything happens.

Anyways, crazy good week.

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