Love to Grandpa 2/20/17

First off, I want to send my love to Vegas. Grandpa Grant you are a

champ, my prayers have been going to you and the family down there.

I’m excited to see you soon and I love you.

Welp I have done a lot of reflecting lately. So that’s where my

thoughts might be heading to in this email.

Heavenly Father has just taught me so much in this last transfer, in

ways that I didn’t expect. It’s hard to describe but He has helped me

see the potential I have and how I need to continue once I get home. I

am starting to see more and more that He has given me this mission to

give me a springboard to the rest of my life and I’m so grateful for


We have been working through the members a lot in this area and

knocking on a lot of doors, we met with some great people this week

but there was a point where I felt like I don’t even have enough time

to make a difference in an area I just got to!

Before I came to this area, President Dixon said he knew I would see a

lot of miracles this transfer. In my mind I was thinking of miracles

as a billion people popping out of nowhere for us to teach. I have

been giving it my all here and not seeing just that but I have noticed

that there are miracles happening more inside of me than anything


I have noticed that a big reason I am here is to be with my wonderful

companion and to help out the sisters in the zone. I’m also here for

their influence on me. I have had times in this transfer when all I

could do was rely on Him and those times have helped me more than

anything else. I just don’t know how to explain it but I feel that the

miracles in this last transfer are different than what I pictured them

to be, but exactly what I needed.

The week has been great though. As always.

Sister Ashcraft and I did a training in zone meeting so that was fun.

Last zone meeting dang it my heart.

We made cookies on Valentines Day with a woman named Steffani that had

met with missionaries before. We are giving the cookies to those we

visit and we were able to talk about the Book of Mormon with Steffani

so that was good!

On Saturday, we had two mini missionaries from a ward in Yucaipa join

us for a day! One of them was just baptized a week ago! It was awesome

to have them knocking doors with us and then at a lesson with two

girls their same age! The one who was just baptized was able to relate

to them and let them know how she came to know the message we were

sharing was true. Just perfect and no coincidences!

Man, I am just at that point on my mission where I don’t even know how

to explain how I feel. I just feel so grateful. For everything. I

think something I have learned while doing tons of reflecting is that

God really is in the details of our lives. His timing is PERFECT and I

really do not need to ever question His timing again. If you are going

through a hard time, read the scriptures and pray to Him vocally. He

really is there to help us.

I cannot explain to you the strength that has come to me this last

transfer from praying vocal, sincere prayers.

The scriptures have answered SO many personal, real questions I have

had, they have literally guided me day by day.

And the sacrament. Taking the sacrament has become something so sacred

to me. I am still trying to make it a more important part of my week

but I know we are given strength because of the atonement from taking

the sacrament.

I am just looking forward and feeling very at peace about this next

“transfer” going home. I know that Heavenly Father will continue to

guide me as much as I allow Him to. I have felt that the adversary is

setting things up for me when I come home too, that has been crazy to

see. But really we just have no need to fear about the future! Not

going to lie, before this transfer I feared leaving the mission but I

recognized that I was lacking in FAITH that of course the adversary

wants to make us think that the mission is the only time we can see

miracles and feel this close to God. Such a sneaky one, but there are

just good things ahead and the mission has helped me to see that the

Lord will continually place us where we need to be!

This email is all over the place sort of like my brain today but I

love you all. See you way soon.


Zone meeting!

Cookies with Steffani

The hermanas gave us valentines cards

Us and our adorable missionaries for a day


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