Visited from an apostle! 2/13/17

I have barely any time left because I am trying to reply to emails but

here’s a heads up for everyone: I am the worst at emailing and we have

such limited time so I will get to your email but I don’t get to a lot

of emails so it’s not personal I promise. I love emails. I read all of

them. Just responding in such a short amount of time can be difficult.

But wow. We have seen so many miracles this week. Brother Peterson, a

man in the Ward, (I have no idea if we’re related) referred us to his

coworker this week who has been having a hard time. Her name is Reyna.

Reyna has been so lovingly prepared by our Heavenly Father to receive

our message. We met her and she opened up to us about all of the

horrible and tough things she has been going through in her life. We

explained to her that acting on Christ’s message, the message we

carry, is what will help her.

We shared with her the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of

Jesus Christ. We told her about how the pathway back to God and the

pathway to peace and hope in this life (the Gospel of Jesus Christ)

has been brought back to the earth. We explained that God has called a

prophet to lead us and guide us to help us know and understand that

pathway to access what Christ has done for us so that we make it back

to Him and our Heavenly Father one day in our families.

We told her Joseph Smith’s experience when he prayed to know which

church to join and our Heavenly Father and Savior appeared to him to

bring Christ’s church and gospel back to the earth.

Afterwards we asked her how she felt. She said, “Like He is calling my


He really is calling her name! He has placed missionaries and members

in her path.

Ah she’s amazing. She knows it is no coincidence we are meeting with

her. She is in another ward but prefers being taught by sisters so we

might not be teaching her the whole time.

On Saturday we had a meeting with Elder Oaks! The apostle Elder Oaks!

And two General authorities, Elder Miskin and Elder Gong. Just

incredible. The whole mission came out for it. At first we had a

missionary leadership council with about 18 of us, the Dixon’s, Elder

Oaks, Gong and Miskin. I realize that will probably be the only time I

will be in a setting like that with an apostle right there for that

long leading us.

Then we joined the whole mission in the chapel to hear from these

Inspired leaders. I just have a new love for  Elder Oaks. He is just so

inspired. I really felt that He was called by God.

I will have to share more with you about what he said, but it was

amazing. The main thing that stuck out to me though was the Spirit we

all could feel as we all were singing together as a mission. Man.

Nothing more powerful. And it’s rare that we can gather as a whole

mission so it was just amazing.

This is the Lord’s work, I can’t say it enough! He just knows exactly

what He is doing and our leaders are called by Him.

Something that really stuck out to me was when Sister Dixon spoke. She

said, “I know that my Redeemer lives. I know this.” She then went on

to explain that there could not be anything that gets 164 youth

sacrificing 18-24 months of their lives like this, unless it was from

Him. Unless it was His Gospel they have come to know.

I just echo that. Completely. I could not have done this if it wasn’t

His Gospel. I could not have sold people on something I only professed

to believe in, there’s just no way. It’s not a sales pitch, it’s

something that has changed my life.

I could not have changed these people’s lives like He did when they

acted on His message. And if this wasn’t His work, He would not have

changed my life like He has as I have been in His service.

I love my mission I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father and I know

so much more clearly now than I did 18 months ago that they love us

completely, enough to give us all the means to make it back to Them

and to have joy NOW!

Elder Oaks! And the whole mission.

On our way to the meeting saw windmills

Enjoy California

Ps we went to the zoo Monday so

Go toros WOO go grant

Here’s the best talk you all have to read it

Sister Taryn Peterson

California Redlands Mission


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