Last week here we go 2/27/17

It just has not hit me yet but yep this is my last week on the mission.

Tons of reflecting lately, maybe I will save most of that for my next

email because this isn’t yet the end!

But we are seeing miracles in the work here. This week we met with

Holly. Holly is amazing. We had her info from other missionaries that

said she might be interested but they couldn’t get a hold of her. We

stopped by the other week and set up a time to meet this week. When we

met her at the doorstep she said she has just gotten to a point in her

life where she is really seeking so she wants to learn more about our

beliefs. She said she wanted something that just made sense to her and

has studied a lot about religion.

Then this week, when we met with her, we taught her the Restoration of

the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She understood everything so perfectly,

she has a great knowledge of the scriptures and says she would love to

teach a theology class. She was well aware of the apostasy, and as we

taught about this period of confusion and darkness after Christ and

His apostles were rejected and killed she was nodding her head and

then began to explain her frustration that because of this there are

so many churches on the earth all stemming from different

interpretations of the Bible etc.

We were just smiling way too big like wait Holly!!!!! We are getting

to the rest of the lesson that’s going to change your life forever!!!

So we then continued to share with her that because God loves us, Him

and our Savior appeared to Joseph Smith in the 1800’s to restore

Christ’s church with His priesthood authority. Just as God has always

done it, He called a prophet when the time was right to lead and guide

His children under His direction.

After telling her Joseph Smith’s experience she sat in silence for a

moment and then said, “Wow.”

After sharing our message with her she explained to us that everything

that was taught makes sense. She was eager to read the Book of Mormon

and believes it could be true. You could tell the Spirit was working

with her, she just seemed to be soaking everything in.

Yes Holly.

I just, man. Heavenly Father really does lead us to those prepared

when we sincerely ask Him to and prepare ourselves to share with them

what we know is true. Holly is so ready to act on this message. She

works on Sundays and there’s little things that will iron out but I’m

so excited for her, I love her already.

Just time and time again this week there have been people at the gas

station or even McDonalds, you name it (ps I don’t eat there, we just

email there to use wifi, it still isn’t my favorite place).. that are

ready to act on our message. It’s been incredible to see this

throughout my mission that God’s timing is PERFECT. We are where we

are for a reason. He places missionaries where He needs them because

they share His gospel with His children and He loves His children.

But the rest of this week was great. We went on exchanges with the

Hermanas (Spanish sisters) in Borrego Springs. I went to Borrego with

Hermana Roberts while Sister Ashcraft and Hermana Crespo stayed here.

There’s this giant lake that looks like a sea there, definitely

freaked me out. I could never serve by an ocean way too tempting. But

the hermanas are awesome.

We also had interviews with President and dang it I always cry. I just

feel the Spirit so strongly in interviews, I know he was meant to be

my mission president. Every time I come out of an interview Sister

Dixon will see me and go, “Wow! He was so mean to you again!!!” She is

the funniest too SHEESH I love them.

Also! We were able to bear our testimonies in young women’s and

primary at church this week too. Makes me excited to have a calling

one day.

Yep this email is everywhere but we also went to the desert part of

our area this week. Like real desert. It’s a place where you would

drive by heading to a vacation spot and not realize people live there.

(There’s a time-lapse included).

Also stray dogs have been such a tender mercy on the mission because

1) I love dogs and 2) we can go door to door trying to find out who

owns the dog AND we can see if they’re interested in hearing the

happiest message ever. So we found a stray dog and pulled over, I

called to him and he literally jumped in the car (oops )so we drove to

nearby houses in the desert to try and find his home and meet some

people along the way. Saving dogs and saving souls that’s my motto.

Most of all I have just been embracing the mission. Making most of the

moments even when I’m backing out the car or staying within sight and

sound of someone for 24 hours THESE ARE THE MOMENTS I WONT GET BACK

just literally just soaking it all in.

I love it. I love the mission. I will see you all way soon but still

be expecting an email from me Monday.



The hermanas took a picture of us skyping to follow up on exchanges aw

love them

Us and HOLLY!

Eating oranges in the car all the time because there are some good

oranges here not as good as az though

But hey look there’s Phoenix so freaky I drive past that every day

Here’s me in the middle of the desert

Here’s me rescuing a dog


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