This week we had an amazing MLC with the Dixons, their trainer Brother

Lee Donaldson and Brother Webb (who trains the senior couples at the

MTC). The meeting was about the doctrine of Christ and finding people

to teach through technology. We were shown clips of the new missionary

videos (the district 3) and one of them showed a skype lesson where

the elders added a returned missionary to the lesson via skype. The

returned missionary had taught the woman they were teaching while she

was on her mission. Sheesh, I got pretty teary eyed. The returned

missionary was saying that it made her so happy to still be able to

teach those she loves and cares about and to be involved in their


So inspired that this whole skyping with those who have returned home

has come about right now! It’s been the hardest thing to think about

missing out on the lessons of investigators etc. for the rest of my

life but that doesn’t have to be the case! Of course I won’t be a full

time missionary with a name tag but being able to be involved in the

progress of my amazing friends is all I could ask for.

After the video Brother Lee Donaldson comes up to me and says, “So I

hear you’re going home soon. What did you think of that video?” I let

him know how excited I was and he goes, “So you will be a missionary



It was an amazing conference though, I felt the Spirit so strongly.

Technology really has been inspired to come forth in these times to

spread the gospel to all the world. I invite each of you to say a

prayer to know who to reach out to, then scroll through your contacts

or friends on social media and send them a Mormon message/General

Conference talk or whatever comes to mind to make their day better.

It has been a great week. Constant finding. As of right now we have

not been able to hear back from the cute family we started teaching

and we basically have no one to teach. The Ward is great though and we

are working through the members 100 percent because everything is

gated. There have been some long days but somehow I still just love it

and it has been making me work the hardest ever to find people so it’s

good for me to keep focused on the work this last transfer.

I love you all so much I just know God is so aware of us. He has

brought back the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth!!!

This is incredible do we even realize?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the pathway back to Him that is made

possible because of our Savior Jesus Christ. This pathway involves us

choosing to accept what our Savior has done for us by having faith,

believing in Him and BELIEVING HIM enough to follow Him by repenting

or CHANGING to become more like Him, then entering into a promise with

Him to keep following Him at baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy

Ghost to guide us to help us to keep following Him and enduring to the

end or continuing to use His atonement to allow us to become more than

we ever could on our own.

As we follow this, His gospel, we are allowing the atonement to take

effect in our lives, He heals us and He forgives us. Heavenly Father

has given us all the means to understand and use that pathway.

Everything that has come forth from the restoration of the gospel of

Jesus Christ: the priesthood, temples, etc. is for us to follow those

steps or look to our Savior to become more like Him and to one day

know complete joy because of Him. One day, we will be able to have

that joy in our families with our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus


We are here because God loves us and He has given us EVERY MEANS to

return back to Him. It is amazing.

I know that despite our sins and weaknesses, because of Jesus Christ

we can be completely cleansed and healed. I am just so grateful.

ALSO happy birthday to my beautiful sister Brynn! SHEESH I love you!

Have a good one you married woman.

Have a wonderful week, I just know all of this is true with all of my heart.

We are with Blake’s Grandma and aunt this week:) They are great.

PS.  The video is of Blake’s sweet Grandma and her daughter (Blake’s aunt)


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