What?? 1/14/17

Everything before yesterday just seems to be a blur and let me tell you why

So yesterday was stake conference! I love stake conference. I love

seeing all the missionaries and members from all of the wards.

President and Sister Dixon came as well as a General Authority, Elder


Before the meeting began we went and met Elder Davis. Such a humble

and incredible man. He said “You missionaries seem like you are on

fire!” And he told us how his daughter just left for the MTC. We went

and sat down and thought how cool! We met a General Authority just

now! Little did we know…

So stake conference continues and he is the last speaker so he speaks

and then he asks his wife to share her testimony with all of us. It

was great then he continues speaking and all of a sudden I hear, “I

would like to now invite Sister Peterson and Sister Brown to join me

here on the stand. Sister Peterson and Sister Brown are two Sister

Missionaries I met earlier.”

We sat there in shock for a second then walked up to the stand and

shook his hand. He said, “They have no idea why they are up here.” And

everyone started laughing.

Then he started talking about the light that he saw in us when he met

us. It was just so humbling and surprising that he even remembered our

names or saw that much in us. Then he said “We are going to let them

teach us.”

I could barely hear him over my heart thumping but ya know.

He then asked Sister Brown to teach us about Joseph Smith’s First

Vision. She did awesome. The whole time I am listening to her and

thinking wow her head is on the giant screen right now and wow what is

he going to ask me to say let’s hope I know the answer.

Then after Sister Brown finished he says, “Now don’t leave Sister

Peterson!” And he asks me to speak about the 5 steps of the gospel of

Jesus Christ: faith, repentance, baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost

and enduring to the end. Then he asked me to conclude with my

testimony of the Savior.

So there I was in front of all of stake conference, a General

Authority and my mission President and wife! Not to mention the temple

presidents were there as well. It was just empowering to look out at

everybody and share with them what I know to be true. So I thought I

would be shaking but somehow I felt completely calm speaking to all of

them about the gospel and my Savior. It was just an incredible


Afterwards he had us stay and he said, “Did you hear these two? These

are consecrated missionaries.”

Man. The most humbling experience. He took quite the gamble calling us

up there after barely meeting us but I know the Spirit helped us


Definitely a moment I will never forget I just can’t believe that even


He then closed with his testimony and ended the meeting. A stake

conference never to be forgotten for us. We just sat back down and

looked at each other like what just happened.

Also, we are getting visited form an apostle February 11th as a

mission!!! ALSO out of 21 stakes the apostle could have chose from the

visit he chose Fontana! So there will be another stake conference

February 12th with the apostle for the Fontana stake! Now I know to be

careful and only introduce myself to the apostle AFTER the meeting

ends hehe. I can’t wait though wow.

But this week has just been great I cannot even explain to you the

excitement I have for this gospel. I have less than 2 months left but

earlier this week I prayed vocally (when Sister Brown is showering I

have some time to do that) to my Heavenly Father and rededicated

myself to my mission. I let Him know that I could care less what the

outcome of these last few weeks is going to be, I just want to be

completely His. I want to be an instrument He can completely work

through to help as many of His children as possible. I promised Him I

would be exactly obedient and just give my whole soul to this. I let

Him know that it is not about me but I just want to completely work

with Him.

There may not be another baptism this last month, there may be plenty

it just doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I am doing all that I

can for Him and I am just so excited to have some time left to do so.

Also, I forgot to even mention this but last week Alaina Chitry from

Prospect Park got baptized so I got to go to her baptism and see all

of my Prospect Park friends! And then this weekend Jean Crittendon

also from Prospect Park got baptized. We got a little teary eyed

seeing each other. They both just have such a light about them. So

happy for them.

Not to mention, ZENAH CAME TO JEANS BAPTISM. I saw Zenah again and she

said, “I’m getting endowed April 1st, will you come?” OF COURSE ZENAH.

My heart. Pictures with her are on my camera but hopefully I can

upload them soon.

Can I just say that this gospel is amazing and it brings so much joy

to share it with others I just can’t explain it. I love it and even

though my time is coming to a close I know God has a work for me to do

when I get home.

I love you all have a great week! Next week I will find out where I am

going for my last transfer craziness.

Pictured below:


The missionaries who taught Alaina and Brother Carlson our ward mission


Jean! She’s so cute

Sister Gull, Jean and I after the baptism

Sister Brown and I after a General Authority asked us to speak

Talked to a random family and got some homemade churros so good

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