Heart is broken, I love my companion and my humans in Fontana 1/23/17

This is Taryn’s last transfer and I emailed her to see where in “the desert”

she was going and she said near Palm Springs and Indio.

We are excited because Blake has several family members in the Indio area

that she can hopefully meet.


—–Original Message—–

From: Taryn Call Peterson [mailto:taryn.peterson@myldsmail.net]

Sent: Monday, January 23, 2017 3:13 PM

To: kendallinaz@gmail.com

Subject: Heart is broken I love my companion my humans in Fontana

Welp I am leaving. Last night we found out Sister Brown is staying

here in Oleander and I’m heading to Shadow Hills Ward in the desert

with a sister named Sister Ashcraft. I have met her randomly a few

times she seems way nice and the elders said Shadow Hills is the

richest area in the whole mission so that will be different.

I could have sworn I was staying here for my last transfer, things

have been going so good. We have been working hard to get recent

converts to the temple and this past week 7 of them got recommends

and we have been helping them with family history AND this

Saturday they are all going to the temple! My heart. I want to be

there so badly. And then Angie (our recent convert) and her boyfriend

Hector are officially getting married THIS WEEKEND and Hector has been

learning from the elders and called them saying he wants to be

baptized. What. Is. Life.

Im just so excited for everyone here it’s been really hard to think

that I’m actually leaving this place, especially Sister Brown. Man. We

just started crying last night and this morning, friends in the

pre-earth life I just know it. Goodbyes are hard but in my studies

today I read from D+C section 128 and verse 22 just jumped out at me.

Joseph Smith says, “Brethren, shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Go forward and not backward…”

As soon as the goodbyes here are over I am just going to keep moving

forward. The gospel is true EVERYWHERE and miracles will continue. I

have no idea what Shadow Hills is like but I know that transfers are

inspired and I’m excited for more miracles and more amazing people.

I’m also grateful for the love I have for these people here and how

the Lord has shown me so many miracles here in Fontana.

Some crazy things happened this week. It’s been raining like never

before here and Sister Brown went to urgent care one morning this

week. She woke up feeling dizzy and we called the mission nurse so she

had us head out and go to urgent care. Turns out she has some fixable

infection but while she was sitting by me in the waiting room, I kept

trying to make conversation with the woman sitting next to me who

brought in her two energetic sons. I prayed that I would have an

opportunity to share the gospel with her and then when her kids calmed

down I was able to ask her if she had met missionaries before. Turns

out she used to take lessons from them but then they just stopped

coming. She was so sweet and accepted the invitation to learn again.

Sister Brown will be meeting with her Wednesday. So cool. Just no

coincidences and now Sister Brown is doing just fine, no dizziness


Also okay so craziest thing. This has blown our minds. There was this

guy named Immanuel from Nigeria that we met out walking one day about

3 months ago. Ever since we met him we could tell he was so receptive

and had such a special spirit about him. Since then, we randomly saw

him once when we were outside for our morning run and then another

time in the grocery store! Each time we would follow up on his reading

and praying and he said he had read a little but didn’t understand

much. We would try to set up a time to meet but he couldn’t meet

because of complications at home.


This morning we ate at this pancake place with other sisters way

outside of our ward boundaries and we are sitting in the pancake place

waiting for them and look outside only to see what looks like Immanuel

just walking on the sidewalk. We start freaking out. We run outside to

catch up with him. He walks fast oh my goodness. Who knew.

He was in pure shock seeing us so randomly. We started talking with

him and turns out he moved to that area and he now has a cell phone

and he gave us his address for other missionaries to meet with him. We

told him, “We do not believe in coincidences and this just shows that

God is so aware of you!” He’s so funny he goes, “Okay yeah I’m

starting to believe that too.” Still kind of freaked out that he was

talking to us AGAIN.

Just wow that man has a good future in front of Him and God is so

aware of His children WHAT ARE THE CHANCES. His plan and His timing

are PERFECT. A good reminder for me this morning as I am leaving what

is SO CLOSE to my heart to go to some unknown place. I’m excited

though. Last transfer here we gooooo.

Lots of videos and a random picture of Sister Brown and I. Probably

the last I will send. So sad.

Also hey go Toros

Then there’s us and Immanuel. I promise he smiles and he’s so nice we

aren’t sure why he looks so mad in the picture hahah

I love you family. Have a great week!


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