This is His season my friends 11/29/16

No time today but wow have you all seen the new #LighttheWorld Christmas video? I love it. It came out on Friday. #LighttheWorld on Black Friday. Coincidence? I think not.

This year’s Christmas initiative has the best video depicting how Christ was here on earth and different ways to be more like Christ each day in December. 

On the website there are short, themed videos for each day, along with ideas of how we can be more like the Savior and help those around us. 

I just invite you all to use this initiative to make this Christmas the most

memorable one yet for your family and others.

Psh who wouldn’t want a way to make this Christmas more about our Savior

and to spread His light throughout these last days? Exactly. 

Ps and ask the missionaries for pass along cards with the link to give to people. 

Ever since we saw the video we have been so eager to share it with everyone. The first person we saw on Friday was a woman outside in her front yard. At first she was hesitant to talk with us but she agreed to us showing a video that would remind her the reason for the season. Towards the end we start to see tears streaming down her face. She could barely hold back to explain how she felt. She agreed to having missionaries over and lives in another mission but it is such a powerful video and I’m so excited to use the 25 days calendar to make Christ a bigger part of my Christmas.

Well yesterday was amazing because President Dixon and Sister Dixon, upon request, came to our ward to introduce the new Christmas initiative to everyone. They talked about the dark and perilous times we live in and that the Lord is giving us this chance this season to Light the World and to share that light with others. I was smiling from ear to ear as they were speaking to the Ward, you could tell the Ward was getting excited and I just wanted to say, “That’s my mission president!!!” Proud moment I love them.

But this week we did a lot of service the day before thanksgiving. The community had an event where they were giving out a free thanksgiving meal to the homeless. It was so sweet and they were so appreciative. I loved seeing their faces as we handed them food. We really have so much.

Then we had a thanksgiving breakfast and dinner. Breakfast with the Gifford family and dinner with the Johnsons (our ward mission leader, his wife and their son). It was so good and I love both families plus they gave us plenty of left overs too nice of them.

Our investigators are really starting to progress and we have been praying for Grettel a lot lately because she kind of took a step back from us and now we’re back to meeting with her! Angie and Lori should be ready for their baptisms on December 10th so please pray for them!

This week we had a lesson with Lori and she has given up drinking coffee even before we taught it. She’s almost done with the Book of Mormon and she was telling us that she has been an avid coffee drinker her whole life so it’s amazing she has been able to quit. But not only quit, the first two weeks she got headaches when trying to stop but as she kept reading she said all of a sudden the coffee sounded disgusting to her and now she can’t even handle the smell she has no desire for it anymore.

She is trying to tell everyone she knows about the restored gospel. She goes, “Do you guys feel how I feel? That you just want everyone to know this? Like only if they understood. I don’t even know how to explain it to them but it’s all so true and just good.”

We were like YES LORI we do feel this way. She is so pumped about it and loves loves loves the Book of Mormon. After going to just about every church on the planet, she says she knows without a doubt this is all true.

All I know is the gospel of Jesus Christ is LIGHT and that’s why I’m out here. Everyone needs to have the light from Him by applying His restored gospel in their lives. 

This is His season. I am determined to not let a soul pass by

without hearing of Him. He is the light that this dark world needs. 

Now watch the video if you haven’t seen it already, you will love it!

Pictured below: 

A cute dog

Then oh my goodness a homeless dog that followed us on our morning run. The sweetest dog ever it broke my heart. If I was home I would have him as a pet in a heart beat. Videos of us feeding him and having to say bye but not realizing the gate was open. 

Ah my heart.  

 Sister Brown obsessing over Brynn’s little sneak peak of her wedding video

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