Thanksgiving dinner a week before thanksgiving = +5 lbs. 11/23/16

Friday, we had a ward thanksgiving dinner and so many of those we are

teaching came it was the best. Lori brought a friend and her daughter

Maureen brought two friends who want to come to church with Maureen

now! Also, Addy and her daughter Mia came as well as Angie and her two

little kids and GRETTEL who has been going through a hard time and we

haven’t seen her in a month or so, so that was good to see her

again… as well as Tiffany, Davin and their 7 kids! (Sorry run on

sentence). All her kids are under age 11. We met them this week and

started teaching their daughter mainly but now Tiffany is interested!

Thursday was Zone conference and President and Sister Dixon showed us

the new Christmas initiative #LighttheWorld. Ah I love it so much. The

church has created a 25 ways in 25 days calendar with different ideas

on each day of December of ways we can be more like Christ this


Just watching the video, I felt it was so inspired. The world is so

dark right now and Christ is the light. There is such a striking

contrast between Him and the world and I am so excited to bring His

light to others this Christmas and show them this initiative so it can

spread throughout the world. As soon as it comes out after this

Thanksgiving, share it with everyone okay? Okay.

Oh and Saturday, we had a lesson with Sarah. She has been facing tons

of opposition from her family, being the only one in the family

learning about the church. She came to our lesson with a lot of doubt

and question and we had asked a member named Alex (baptized a year

ago) to come to our lesson with us. He walked in at what seemed to be

the perfect time and started to explain his conversion story.

Easily the most amazing conversion story. He had gone to prison etc.

and noticed God reaching out to Him until he finally tried to turn his

life around but couldn’t. Then one day he prayed to know which church

to join and where to go to be closer to God and missionaries showed

up. He started learning more and found out he would need to give up

alcohol. He was a serious alcoholic, constantly drinking. He didn’t

see it being a possibility to quit. But then the elders gave him a

priesthood blessing and that night he tried to drink alcohol but felt

sick even looking at it. He never even desired it again.

Alex also knew very well what opposition was. He explained how he had,

just this past week, told his family he decided to serve a mission and

they have now disowned him. Throughout his story, I felt the Spirit so

strongly. When he finished we all just sat in silence for a little. We

asked Sarah if she felt what we were feeling and she nodded. Things

have been hard for her but after that night she has a stronger desire

to read and pray and ask God about the truth. Alex says he knows that

the mission is he right thing to do and that it will help his family

and is still turning in his papers. So incredible.

Opposition comes in my life and the lives of those we teach but I just

know that Heavenly Father is greater. He helps us. He answers us. I

know He is there and when we are willing to act on the answer He gives

us, it becomes clear what the truth/path for us is. I love the Bible

and the Book of Mormon with all my heart. They are guides for my life.

I just had to thank Heavenly Father this morning for inspiring His

prophets to write this scripture for us to have. I am so grateful He

preserved the ancient record (now known as the Book of Mormon) from

the prophets on the American continent to be brought forth in the

1800’s when Him and our Savior would restore Their church on the earth

again. I’m grateful that it has been translated by the prophet Joseph

Smith for us to have as Another Testament of Christ and to indeed come

to know that Joseph Smith was called as a prophet and Christ leads His

church today through a living prophet. I’m grateful that the

priesthood, the power and authority to act in God’s name, has been

restored so that the power of God can work through those holding His

priesthood to help someone like Alex to be completely healed from


I know that the words in the Book of Mormon are our Savior’s words. I

have felt that so strongly. If you ever wonder, question or

doubt…read from it and ask God if it is true. He will tell you.

Heavenly Father loves us each so much that He has not left us in

darkness and confusion in these last days. It is all so clear and it

has only brought light and joy into my life SO WHY WOULDN’T I SHARE


So much happens in a week I can’t even think of it all but I love you

all so much and shoutout to my parents for raising me in the gospel so

I can continually come to know my Savior and understand where peace

really comes from.

Pictured below:

Pretty sunset

Us in the car exciting

Tiffany, Davin and their 7 kids at the thanksgiving dinner

Addy and Mia at the thanksgiving dinner

Jasmin and Isabella took us out for dinner at King Taco!

Sister Taryn Peterson

California Redlands Mission

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