Just one cool story 1/9/17

Sorry so short on time… just one cool story okay?

We met a woman named Victoria on New Year’s Eve before dinner when we

had to run to the store to buy some toilet paper, how exciting I know.

We’re waiting in line and the woman in front of us goes, “Hi girls!”

We didn’t recognize her but started talking with her and she

introduced herself as Victoria and she told us Spanish missionaries

used to visit her apartment but she mainly speaks English. Turns out

she lives in our complex so we got her info and she said we could come


We stop by the next day to set up a time to meet and she says she will

meet with us but she doesn’t believe in Joseph Smith and is kind of

set in her religion. Something told us to just meet with her anyways

so we set up a time to see her.

When we come by for her lesson, she said she had just woken up from a

nap and we said we were sorry but we waited at the door for a moment

or two and she said, “well it would probably be rude for me to not let

you in so come on in.”

We start teaching her the restoration and she has a lot of questions.

She has heard of a ton of anti so we were able to clear a few things

up but we just told her to pay attention to how she felt as we shared

this with her.

After each point of the restoration things started to really click for

her. When we talked about the apostasy, (the time after Christ and his

apostles were rejected and many killed) where God’s authority was not

on the earth… she said, “That would explain why the Bible had so

many good things taken out of it and so many translations! I’ve

studied about that! You would think God would preserve some part of

scripture so we could have all of it today!”

We assured her that we do as well believe the Bible is the word of God

as far as it is translated correctly and after her last comment we

were able to assure her that God has preserved scripture for our day:

The Book of Mormon. We told her we would get to that part of the

lesson shortly!

By this point she was really tuned in. We then explained Joseph

Smith’s experience in his own words and paused afterwards for his

words to sink in. I was just praying that the Spirit would touch her

heart at that time. Then we asked her how she felt.

She goes, “I am not going to lie… as you said what Joseph said I got

chills all over my body. I don’t know…”

The Spirit was just completely working through her. Then we asked her,

“Why do you think that is?”

She said, “I think God is at least telling me to give this whole thing

a chance.”

We continued teaching her as the room was filled with the Spirit and

she was so eager to read the Book of Mormon by the time we explained

it. She said, “Why wouldn’t God do this? Why wouldn’t He call a

prophet for the world we live in today? Why wouldn’t Christ go and

visit somewhere other than Jerusalem?”

She also started to understand that we don’t worship Joseph Smith and

the living prophet today, Thomas S. Monson, but that just like all

other prophets they point us to who we should worship: our Savior

Jesus Christ.

It was just an incredible lesson completely because of the Spirit.

There was a complete change in Victoria from being hesitant to let us

in and being completely compelled to act on everything taught. She is

just amazing. She has the cutest little family of 5 kids and works on

Sundays or else she said she would be at church.

It’s just amazing because Heavenly Father needs our help and we never

know who is in front of us in the line at the grocery store or

wherever we may be. We just never know, but we do know that Heavenly

Father loves every single one of His children that are around us each

day. He knows what they need, He knows who has been praying to Him for

help and He puts all of us in their path because He wants to help

them! It is just our choice to reach out to them and show them just

how much He loves them.

I love you all!

Sister Taryn Peterson

California Redlands Mission


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