Heavenly Father is a perfect planner! 1/2/17

Well this is going to be difficult to catch everyone up on life for two weeks but I will try my best. Probably just going to focus on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The best. 

On Christmas Eve… Addy, Sara and Ray all got baptized. It was amazing I can’t describe the feelings I had that day. 

After Addy was baptized she just started bawling. After she got changed she hugged us and said, “I did it! I feel so good!” She was just beaming. 

Jonathon baptized Sara and it was just the sweetest thing to see. A moment he has waited for for a long time. Afterwards Jonathon goes, “So, when are we going to get sealed?” Sara goes, “after your mission.” Too cute. Then Sara’s dad, who is a less-active member came to the baptism and was teary-eyed the whole time. Sara’s roommate, from school, Hannah also came and MIRACLES have happened with that. Sara and Addy both invited their families and friends. Addy’s mom who WAS less-active came and has been attending church ever since and her sister came as well who isn’t a member. 

It was amazing. Then Ray was baptized. My heart…it was the best feeling to see him where he is at now compared to where he was before. I am so happy for him. They were all just so happy. I attached a video of Ray after he was confirmed on Sunday. 

At the baptism, a recent convert, Alex, shared his testimony while those who were baptized were getting dry clothes on and everyone started crying. Not a dry eye in the room. 

Then we got up with the elders and a few other members and sang “silent night”, then everyone joined in on the third verse. Sometimes it pains me that I can only explain what happened in my emails, I just wish you all could have been there to feel the Spirit as we all sang together about our Savior after 3 of our brothers and sisters were baptized. Looking out at the congregation and just seeing that everyone was being touched by the Spirit was one of the best feelings. 

After the baptism Hannah, Sara’s roommate, asked, looking down at the table we set up, “Are these free?”  and the elder said “Yes! please take some!” Then she picks up every single pamphlet layed out on the table and a Book of Mormon! 

Okay. Cool. 

We start to talk with her and get her info but she had to go. Then once people started leaving we followed them outside of the church and saw Hannah waiting outside of her car with lots of members around her. Turned out she left her keys in the car and everyone was trying to help her. She called AAA and they said they could be there in 20 mins. It was freezing so we told her we can all go inside. We sit down and it’s just Sister Brown and I just sitting across from Hannah on the couches. Heavenly Father is a perfect planner.

She laughs and goes, “God works in mysterious ways!” She then goes on to tell us that she knows God has had her room with Sara for a reason and that it’s no coincidence she was sitting there alone with us. She said she had seen a huge change in Sara and had a lot of questions for us because she has heard some things. We were able to answer her questions and teach her about the Book of Mormon and God’s plan for her. She was so excited and felt that this was so meant to be. 

We had a lesson with her this week and she has been readying from the Bible, the Book of Mormon AND the Gospel Principles Book every single day. She prays before and after she reads. She came to church this Sunday as well! We will need to send her to other missionaries because she is out of our boundaries, but so amazing. God just knows what He is doing. Sometimes we lock the keys in the car and frustrating, dumb things happen but we should learn to recognize there is a reason for everything!

So MIRACLE on the way home from the baptism we were driving at an intersection that turns into the freeway and I just had the weirdest impression to give a #Lighttheworld card to the guys in the car next to me. It was a father and his son.

Welp, I rolled down the window and started to try and get their attention (it was a red light by the way I promise) and they end up rolling down the window. 

I say, “Merry Christmas! This is a video about Christ!” Then I wanted to throw it to them but I couldn’t and the light was going to turn green any second and the dad parks the car, hops out and takes the card and says, “God bless you! Thank you so much!”

Wow I have never seen someone so appreciative of a pass along card and I did not expect that to happen but Heavenly Father just knows what He is doing!

Two more miracles sorry not really that sorry though:

That same day, we had the impression to go to Stater Brothers to pass out the rest of our Christmas pass-along cards and hold the #LighttheWorld poster. We go and plenty of people didn’t want our cards but a lot of them accepted one. We start to head out and a very familiar looking man comes walking up to the grocery store. We look closer and Sister Brown and I look at each other and both say, “No. way.” It was the man who we met when we had a #LighttheWorld stand at DI. His name was Jeff.

Jeff just praised us and the church for doing such a thing when we were at DI. He just thought the world of what we did it was so sweet. We go up and say hello and he was about as shocked as we were! We explained to him that we felt God had told us to go there that day and it was for him! He says, “You’re right, I don’t believe in coincidences.” We ask him, “Jeff, do you want to learn more about Christ’s message?” He says, “I think I better take this as a giant sign and say yes.” 

He went on to explain that he had been going through a hard time and we explained how the gospel is here to help him and testify that God is so aware of Him to send him to us and us to him. 

He walks into the store after we exchanged info and says, “No coincidences! You guys are awesome!”

What. So cool. 

THEN on Christmas Day I got to skype my beautiful family, open way too many gifts for a missionary to have and visit a woman named Sister Bautista, she is a member who comes occasionally. We decided to Carol to her, just Sister Brown and I and all the sudden we look behind us and a woman starts walking up crying. She said, “I felt something pulling me out here. It was like a tug telling me to go and talk to you girls after I heard you sing.” She then explained how she has been going through the hardest time of her life and needs peace. You could tell the tears in her eyes came because she felt so much love as she realized that God had brought her out to us. Her name is Aracely. She is amazing and our Heavenly Father brought her out to meet us it’s just incredible. We got her info, she was just visiting for the day and lives in a different area so we will need to send her to the missionaries there. 

Just so many miracles. 

Sister Brown pointed this out to me this week…in the Bible dictionary it defines Miracles. One part of this definition really stuck out to me. It says, “because they are the acts of One who is almighty; they are simply works, or the natural results of the Messiah’s presence among men

Miracles are the results of the Messiah’s presence among men. 

I know that He lives and that these amazing miracles that have happened, including the beautiful change in Addy, Sara and Ray are all because of Him. He is among us. He loves us. He heals us and He helps us to become something far more than we can on our own. He emulates Heavenly Father in all that He does and He helps us to see how our Father is and how He feels about us. 

They live and I just know that more than anything else. They love us and They are gathering their children in these last days before our Savior comes to earth and we get to be a part of it. Keep praying to know how you can help bring His children back to Him. He is so merciful to let us help Him. 

Merry Christmas AND Happy New Year! I love you humans. 





Elders and Ray

Elders, Ray, Alex (amazing convert with an amazing story) and friends

Ray after he was confirmed:)


And are you kidding me these huskies

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