Angie got baptized 12/13/16

Great great week.

Angie got baptized this Saturday! It was so special. She is the

sweetest. After she was baptized we asked her how she felt and she was

so happy she could barely get out words she just kept smiling and

hugging us and thanking us.

The baptismal service was wonderful. It was so cute, when Angie came

up out of the water her six year old son started clapping and said,

“good job mommy!” And her three year old daughter started horrifically

crying until she saw her mom smiling and safely walk out of the font.

ALSO so cute because Angie invited her boyfriend Hector, who is also

the father of her kids, to come to the baptism. They are deciding on

making things work in their relationship again and getting married. In

the mean time, Hector came to church yesterday and says he wants to

keep coming and learn more so we are letting the elders teach him and

I am just hoping he will accept the gospel and that they can one day

be sealed in the temple AH Angie is hoping the same thing soooo

exciting stuff.

My favorite part of this week though, was after Angie was given the

Gift of the Holy Ghost/was confirmed yesterday. She was just beaming.

I felt the Spirit so strongly as the priesthood holders laid their

hands on her head and confirmed her. After sacrament meeting we asked

her, how do you feel? She said that at the beginning, before Brother

Hansen started speaking her heart was beating so fast. She said, “then

all of a sudden I felt this warm peaceful feeling start from my head

all the way down to my toes.” She said she then felt so calm and warm

inside. It’s just incredible. It’s incredible that the priesthood is

on the earth again today and that we can receive the gift of the Holy

Ghost from our Heavenly Father through His power and authority.

I have seen such a difference in Angie. When first meeting her, she

was depressed and had so much in her life that just seemed to fall

apart. She recognized the Spirit right away however and she kept

pushing through. I know all of her problems didn’t go away but it sure

seems that way from her attitude now. She is not the same person, she

is happier and confident when it comes to whatever life throws at her.

I know that the difference I see in her is because of our Savior Jesus

Christ. I know He has been healing her and cleansing her. He has been

strengthening her. As missionaries we have just invited her to act on

His message and as she has done so, as she has followed Him, He has

lead her to more joy than she has ever felt. He has comforted her and

I am so grateful for Him.

It’s just incredible! All of it! The other day I read that as

missionaries we have a front row seat to the greatest miracle:

Christ’s atonement working in the lives of others. It is so true. I

love being a missionary.

ALSO. Sarah and Addy are getting baptized December 24th! I am so

excited for them. So cool. Sarah had been reading from the Book of

Mormon and prayed to know if it was true and then she came across

verse 10 from 2 Nephi  chapter 33. Nephi writes:

“And now, my beloved brethren, and also Jew, and all ye ends of the

earth, hearken unto these words and believe in Christ; and if ye

believe not in these words believe in Christ. And if ye shall believe

in Christ ye will believe in these words, for they are the words of

Christ, and he hath given them unto me; and they teach all men that

they should do good.”

She said when she read it she “felt what she read” and has come to

feel that it really is all true! Wow. She has come such a long way

it’s been amazing. She used to have so many doubts and because of the

power of the Book of Mormon and prayer, it is clear to her.

Her and Addy have now been living the word of wisdom as well which is

a miracle.

A little update: Lori and Maureen were supposed to be baptized this

Saturday. Last week I was super confused because we hadn’t heard from

them and they didn’t show up at church. I knew they faced opposition

but didn’t know what. Finally on Thursday Lori texted us letting us

know she was so sorry but that her ex husband stole just about all of

her money and now she has been frantically trying to find a new job.


She works from 5 am to 9 pm and it has been just impossible to even

catch her home. She said her and Maureen want to be baptized and want

to come to church frequently but she just can’t even catch up on life

right now. Please keep her in your prayers. Satan is trying super hard

on her because she is sharing the gospel with just about everyone,

including her mom who is now interested!

Opposition is so extremely real. It’s crazy to see a literal spiritual

battle so clearly throughout each day but I know there are great

things ahead for her or else the adversary wouldn’t be trying so hard.

There was also the Ward Christmas party this Saturday! Addy invited

her whole family and Angie and her boyfriend and kids came as well!

It’s just been a great crazy week as always and this email is so

scattered but I love you all an don’t forget to use the 25 days

calendar from because this world is crazy and we could all

use a little more light okay.

Oh also ps we just found out that for this next transfer we are

staying in Oleander together! Couldn’t be happier I was so scared to

leave this place and my amazing companion. Second to last transfer

this is crazy here we go.

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