Family I love you. I cannot get over that video of Brynn at the BYU

game in slow mo. I hope that is all over social media.

Okay so I wish I had all the time in the world to write about this

week, so much has happened.

We are being led to the most elect people here it is insane. This week

we met with Sarah who had come to church recently and she wants to

start learning more again. Grettel has prayed about the Book of Mormon

and got her answer that it’s true. Rudy, as well got his answer. We

also met Addy this week. Oh my goodness, Addy.

Addy contacted the mission office this week requesting to meet with

missionaries. Addy’s mom is a member of the church but hasn’t been too

involved lately and

Addy recently started dating a returned missionary who has been less

active in the church as well. She has had some questions about God and

her 5 year old daughter, Mia, keeps asking her about God so her

boyfriend encouraged her to meet with the missionaries!

We met with her Friday and taught the restoration. There was a point

in the lesson where I could tell we all felt the Spirit so strongly.

We asked her how she was feeling and she explained to us that things

just felt right. She says she is usually pretty skeptical and acts on

good feelings and walks away from things that don’t feel good. She

explained that as soon as she entered the church building she felt “at


She said that to feel close to her loved ones that have passed on she

visits their graves often to find comfort and when she walked into the

building, she felt that same feeling of comfort. She said she feels

this is right where God needs her to be and that she has been given

the opportunity to meet with us so that she can help her mother and

her boyfriend as well to come back into the gospel. So elect. She came

to church on Sunday and her and her daughter Mia just soaked it up.

She is excited to be baptized!

We have seen SO MANY MIRACLES this week and we are definitely starting

to align our will more with God’s here in this area because the

strongest impressions kept coming to me to give Ray to the elders in

the Ward. Whattttt….Ray?!!! He is amazing and if it was my will then

we would continue teaching him but I finally knelt down in prayer and

told Heavenly Father I was willing to act on whatever answer was given

concerning if we should keep teaching Ray or not. It was made clear on

Sunday to me and Sister Heiner that Ray is best for the elders, I am

not sure completely why but now the elders will be teaching him. We’re

still in the Ward with him and I will keep updated on his progress but

I know this is the Lord’s will for him and us. Super hard but I know

the Lord knows what is best for Ray!

We had an STL training at the mission home this week which prompted me

to talk to some sisters who had been struggling. Kind of a hard thing

to do but I prayed extra hard for the Spirit to lead our conversation.

I went over for about 30 minutes Saturday and asked them where they

think satan has been attacking their companionship the most. Probably

my favorite part of the week to see how things were resolved when the

Spirit was guiding these two wonderful sisters to communicate openly

with each other. It was cool for me to feel the Spirit so strongly

once things were resolved. Communication is so key.

We also had a family night with a wonderful family this week and

played spoons after we shared our message. They were all impressed

that I was a spoon champion but I told them I owe it all to beach week

and my cousins who would play endlessly with me.

I love you all its been an incredible week. I just love the gospel it

makes me so happy. I know it’s true. I know that it changes lives. We

need to trust more that the Spirit will bear witness to our friends of

His truth. This is His battle, we are just His instruments.

I will leave you all with this quote that I can’t get off of my mind I love




It rained this week

The Dixon’s are so cute

Helping out at activity days

Using Papa’s cool Halloween package

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