Rotten potatoes, miracles again and I love my companion 11/7/16


So Wednesday I went to drop off Sister Heiner with her new companion

and went into the training meeting. There I met my new companion

Sister Brown! We kept saying that we both looked so familiar and then

she goes, “Wait…. did you take institute at UVU?” Come to find out

SHE WAS IN MY INSTITUTE CLASS AT UVU. Of course. Not only that but she

worked at Shirley’s Bakery and we both distinctly remember the time

that I pulled up with Marissa Tingey and ordered some food and said,

“Hey! Aren’t you in our institute class?” Then had a good chat with

her through the drive thru. Now we’re companions on our missions

together so yeah bottom line is the Lord knows what He’s doing.

We told President at the training meeting that we realized we were in

institute together and he said, “I felt so strongly about this

companionship when planning transfers”. All I can say is I know it’s

so inspired! She is such an answer to my prayers. She is so much like

me and is a mixture of Brynn (my sister) and my girl Macy Larson it’s

crazy. I haven’t laughed so hard in a while and she is a natural at

being a missionary. So excited to be with her I could cry. We decided

we were friends in the pre-earth life and last night she goes, “It’s

so crazy because there’s nothing about you that bugs me. Like at all.”

And I was like, “SAME HERE.” Ah it’s the best.

So far we have had some weird experiences this week though. There have

been many people in our path that seem to almost be placed as a

distraction. Like daily, there is someone who will try to preach to us

to the point where we have to be so blunt and say we need to keep

walking. It’s been interesting to see opposition in a different way

than usual.

Also, poor Sister Brown. Her first day here we notice a brown goo

seeping from our kitchen cabinets. It smelled horrible. We look above

the cabinets and there was a hole in one of them and inside the hole

it looks like a potato bag. So I got some gloves and pulled this

potato bag out and pretty sure there weren’t even potatoes in there

anymore. It was just covered in bugs. Like covered. We threw it out

while screaming. The struggle. Some missionary from probably a century

ago probably left their potatoes in the random cabinet hole. I was

like yeah welcome to the mission Sister Brown you will love it!!!!

But other than that, MIRACLES HERE. So last week the Ward did a Ward

Fast for missionary opportunities and this week Sister Macias brought

a friend to church named Angie and she wants to be taught the lessons!

Not only that but the elders gave us a couple of the women they were

teaching and we’re so excited to meet with them. I just can’t believe

all of the miracles here. The Lord is hastening His work and it’s so

exciting because we can all be a part of it.

Last thing, we had MLC this week and it was so powerful. Some of my

favorite moments in the mission are getting together with a bunch of

missionaries and our leaders and listening to everyone bear testimony

and feeling the Spirit. Towards the end, everyone was crying and it

was so evident that the Spirit was there testifying to us all of the

importance of what we are doing and that our Savior really does lead

His church on the earth today.

If anyone were to walk into these meetings, they would feel the truth

of our message and the importance of it. They would see we aren’t

there scheming how to get more people to join a church but we are

there turning to the scriptures and testifying of the importance of

the gospel of Jesus Christ and how we have seen it change our lives

and others, discussing how we can better allow the Lord to lead us to

help His children,our brothers and sisters.

We are just a bunch of 18-21 year old kids who don’t know everything

but we have seen the difference that our Savior’s gospel has made for

us. We have felt the joy from it, so we share it. Missionaries from

the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints give up 18-24 months

to bring the joy that they have felt to their brothers and sisters. I

just know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ really have restored

Christ’s church through the prophet Joseph Smith. They love us so much

that they have not left us alone and they have given us all the means

in these last days to come unto our Savior to find peace and live with

them again, while bound together with our families. There is nothing

that has brought me more joy so I am not ashamed of any of this.

Christ really stands by us as we share His message with others. I want

every single person to know this, it has only brought me true

happiness so why wouldn’t I share it.

I love you all so much. Share what makes you the happiest okay? Okay.


We were trying to record how many miles we went and at the very end of

the video I realized what the math equation and answer was

We had to cool our string cheese somehow


Then pizza 

 Me trying to hug Sister Heiner goodbye

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