Read from the Book of Mormon 10/17/2016

Email time is sometimes so difficult. I don’t even know how to put

this week into words.

I’ll start with what’s most fresh on my mind. Yesterday.

So Jasmine came to church and earlier this week she explained to us

that started to have doubts. We found out she hadn’t been reading and

praying so we emphasized that and at church she said she had been

reading and she can tell that her week has been really good because of

it. She’s back on board!

Then RAY. So, during Sunday school he expressed to us that he felt

like he was “losing the faith”. He seemed so sad and it made us so

confused. He said he had been reading and praying and he didn’t feel

peace anymore. We were confused and it was hard to talk more with him

because we were teaching the lesson so we said we would talk more

after church and told him to cling to the times when he has felt the


Then after church, Ray comes walking up with the elders in our ward

and says with a giant smile on his face, “Sisters! I have my faith

back! Thanks to my brothers!!!” We just stared at the three of them

smiling and congratulated him, having no idea what just happened. Then

we talked with the elders after and they could hardly put into words

what happened with Ray.

They said Ray and the man they’re teaching named Anthony, went out and

talked with each other during all of elders quorum class and they just

watched as Anthony bore testimony to Ray of the gospel. The elders

were amazed because Anthony seemed to have a lot of doubts recently as

well but he told the elders that Saturday night he prayed to have an

opportunity to help someone. Then Ray, during gospel principles said

that he felt like he needed to talk to Anthony and we are pretty sure

they have never before even said hi to each other.

The elders said that Ray told them that this week his “friends” that

haven’t contacted him in two years threatened him to stop going to

church and bribed him. Ray declined the offer and even invited them to

church but after he declined he felt shaken and like he was losing his

faith. But Anthony was able to help Ray see the importance of the

gospel and now Anthony sees that his prayer was answered in a

miraculous way and left the building with a big smile on his face.

While all of us missionaries just stood there with our jaws dropped.

Heavenly Father is a perfect planner. Opposition has been coming to

Ray like I have never seen before, but the Lord continues to guide and

direct him as He turns to Him.

ALSO! At church, I saw a couple I had never seen before, the whole

meeting I kept feeling like I needed to talk to them. We introduced

ourselves to them and they said their names were Sarah and Johnathon.

All of the sudden I realized that these were the same two people we

had found in our records about 2 months ago. We had been calling Sarah

for a time to meet and she kept saying she was busy but interested.

She said her boyfriend Johnathon used to have her take the lessons and

she wants to take them again but couldn’t until her schedule opens up.

Then there they were at church! We set up a time to meet this week and

now we will be teaching Sarah! Miracles.

We also had a “missionary for a day” with us from a ward in highland.

Her name is Ayden and she is the cutest thing. She is literally my

twin, she likes everything I like. I would ask her what she likes to

do with her family and she would say, “honestly, we just love the

beach” or I would ask her her favorite color (blue) or her favorite

cereal (cinnamon life) and all the answers she gave were my answers!

It was kind of freaky but so inspired to be with her. It was the

funniest thing ever.

When we were with her we stopped by the home of a woman named Sonia.

She is the cutest, sweetest Indian woman who we met on the street the

other day and she said that we had made her day and that God had sent

angels to see her. We stopped by and she was with her brother and

sister as well. They are so sweet and gave us different tasting Indian

drinks and pleaded for us to come back and share more! Don’t mind if

we do.

We have found 7 new friends to teach this week. 7. It’s been insane. I

cannot believe all of the miracles happening here.

Last thought, we have been working with a less active woman named

Sister Chrestenson (who now has been coming to church YESSS) and we

have been doing all we can to encourage her to READ FROM THE BOOK OF

MORMON. This week we followed up with her reading and it was a

different answer than usual.

She opened up the Book and said “It is so interesting, I have never in

my whole life found the Book of Mormon to be this good!” She feels

like God has been reaching out to her in those words and we asked her

if she had been continuing to pray for strength to live the word of

wisdom and this time she said she would not only pray for strength but

actually try to live the word of wisdom. She even said the closing

prayer WHICH IS HUGE and in the prayer said “Thank you God for the

missionaries that have met with me, especially these two because they

have made me more aware of what I need to do to live with You again

and to have joy now.”

I know that other missionaries had taught her the same things we have

been teaching her. None of the teachings we were giving her were

different, but her heart is now more open and she is now more

receptive because she has been reading from the Book of Mormon. That

is what was so cool to see, the desire to follow Christ that is

strengthened as we read from those words.

Welp this is a novel but it’s been an amazing week. The gospel is so

extremely true. I love you humans. Here’s some pictures.

-Pday festivities with sisters in the zone

-Sister Larson (the other sister training leader) decided we need to

bring cupcakes and balloons and cards to zone meeting so everyone can

celebrate their birthday since birthdays on the mission aren’t

special. So that is what was done. Happy birthday to the Fontana Zone.

-In-n-out with the Armas’s again! They got us some spread to take home.

-The companionships with their mini-missionaries

-Us with Sister Garcia (a less-active woman) WHO CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY

-Us, Sonia and her two siblings whose names I don’t know how to spell.

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