Last days here we go 11/14/2016

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful amazing mother this

Saturday. I love you. I have met a lot of moms out here on my mission

and none compare. Also, I miss you tons even though I love the mission

I will never not miss you.

Well. Where to begin. That is always the question. This week has been


There are so many amazing people to teach here. It’s been a miracle to

see going from no one to teach two transfers ago to barely keeping up

each day. Sister Brown said I was planning for one of our

investigators sleep talking the other night. What’s wrong with me.

But wow okay so last week, Sister Macias brought her friend Angie to

church with her. Angie is the sweetest human ever and has been living

with Sister Macias with her two kids because tough things were

happening at her home. She has gone through so much heartache. We met

with her to teach her the restoration this week. One of the coolest

experiences on my mission.

Before we began our lesson, Angie had a hard time holding back tears

as she explained the hard situation she needed to escape from back

home. She explained that she needed peace and direction and help in

her life. It broke my heart to see, but showed just how aware God is

of her for leading her to the gospel and Sister Macias when she needs

it the most.

During the lesson, we told her the experience of Heavenly Father and

Jesus Christ appearing to Joseph Smith in Joseph Smith’s own words and

then paused for a moment to pay attention to the Spirit in the room.

At that point we asked, “Angie, what are you feeling right now?”

She said, “It is a weird feeling…it’s hard to explain.”

We asked her to try her best to explain it and she said, “There is

something inside of me bringing me a lot of peace. It feels so

peaceful right now.”

We then explained to her the Spirit and that the Spirit was testifying

to her that this was true. We told her that God at that point right

then was helping her to feel and know that what we were sharing with

her was true, then we asked, “What does that mean to you to know that

He is sending the Spirit to you right now?”

She just had the biggest smile and said, “I feel so grateful for this

and for Him right now. This means everything to me!”

Then later in the lesson, she jumps in and says, “That same feeling

that I had earlier just kept growing and growing as you both were

teaching me!” She said, “I feel like right now God is saying that

acting on what you teach me and continuing to listen to your lessons

is what will bring me peace. I feel like He is saying it’s okay and

that this is His path for me.”

Welp at that point we all had a tear or two. The Spirit was so strong.

Angie has been so lovingly prepared by Heavenly Father to receive the

gospel. It is amazing to see the change in her already.

Another highlight of the week: Chi. Chi is a friend of a member,

Krystal. They’re both 17 and Krystal had us over one day to teach her

the Plan of Salvation so she could teach her friend Chi. (Krystal is

amazing). After she taught Chi, Chi wanted a Book of Mormon! Chi has

been reading it but hasn’t been able to get permission from her dad to

learn more. We finally met Chi at a service project this week and we

asked her how her Book of Mormon reading had been going.

She said, “It’s weird because I have only ever known science in my

whole life and at first when I started reading I didn’t really feel

anything. A few weeks into reading though, I started to feel something

that I can’t even explain by science, It’s like magic!”

I loved hearing that. As we read from the Book of Mormon and act on

Christ’s message, a change happens that can’t necessarily be proven

but we can feel it.

Also this week, we had Zone Meeting and the sister training leaders

(Sister Marler and I) gave a portion of the training about raising the

vision for our missions! I loved it. I love being in big groups of

missionaries who love their missions and serving the Lord.

MAJOR HIGHLIGHT. The Orozco/Damasco family who hasn’t been to church

for a good 6 years came this Sunday.

They came to church. Ah.

I just about cried seeing them walking through the church doors all

dressed up. I have seen such a change in them from them barely letting

us in two transfers ago to them reading and praying and HAPPY. Max has

been such a good example for his family by diligently reading from the

Book of Mormon.

We visited them this week and their dad happened to be there. He’s not

a member. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon while the whole

family watched wondering what he would say. He said he had been

searching for Christ more and seemed eager to read from the Book of

Mormon and meet with missionaries. Then we asked Max what the Book of

Mormon had done for him and he was able to bear his testimony to his

dad. It was incredible. Sister Orozco says the kid’s dad has been

reading and is so excited about it. We referred him to the elders so

I’m excited to see how things go with him!

It’s been an amazing week. Angie, Addy, Lori and Maureen AND MAUREENS

FRIEND came to church. So cool she invited a friend. Jasmin had a

family outing and Sarah was sick. Still trying to get Rudy to come.

But so grateful that there are so many people we get to teach here.

Overall, this week I have realized this world is literally insane and

these are the last days. Christ is coming so soon and there never was

a better time to have and share His gospel! People are noticing that

the world is in commotion. They need peace. They need Him and they are

starting to see the contrast more clearly of Him and the world.

I am a witness of Jesus Christ. I have seen Him working in the lives

of these people and that is probably the most fulfilling and joyful

thing to see. It is hard work but the best thing I have ever done and

I love each and every second of it. Jesus Christ lives and He is here

healing and helping each and every one of us when we allow Him to by

following Him.


We lost our phone one night and found it the next morning IN THE STREET.

Companions 4 life

Lori to the left, Maureen (her daughter to the right) and Maureen’s

friend Katie in the middle

Then more of us with them of course?? they are hilarious I can’t wait

for y’all to meet them

THE OROZCO FAMILY!!!! From left to right, (my comp., Liliana, Sister

Orozco, Max, Frances and little Victoria then me)

Go toros

And I don’t really know

Random pictures


Zone meeting, President Dixon came!

A cute family we met this week

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