Ice cream and earthquakes plus miracles 10/10/16

Psh I have no idea where to begin so here let me try:

This week marks one of the very best of my mission. Mainly because of

interviews with President Dixon. It was the most powerful interview I

have ever had with a mission president and he said exactly what I

needed to hear. My mission and life will forever be changed because of

that interview. I know he has been called of God, so much so that he

could discern my needs and say the answer to my prayers.

We also had MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) and I just love the

Dixon’s. It was great and so fun to see all of the sisters I’ve met

throughout my mission. We talked about the  necessity of teaching by

the Spirit.

ALSO! We have been visiting this less-active family and showed up one

day to see how they were doing. A lot has been happening in their

lives so we have been stressing the need for them to read from the

Book of Mormon daily. The mom wasn’t home so we were saying we would

come back when she was there and then their 15 year old son says

“Wait, I’ve been reading everyday!!!!” He was so excited to tell us

and he goes, “I really have noticed I have more energy and more time

to do homework like you said!!! It’s so cool!”

I have never seen him like that before! We didn’t even think he was

listening to us that much during our lessons but it just made my life

to see him so excited and happy as he has been discovering the power

of the Book of Mormon.

Also. Miracles.

Earlier this week, sisters from a different ward were getting their

nails done and they started talking with a woman named Grettel. She

wanted to feel closer to God and have more direction in her life.

Grettel lives in our area so they sent her info to us and we have been

able to teach her twice this week! She says that as our message

continues to feel right, she will be baptized in November! She had to

work this Sunday but she is excited to come to church next week!

She says she can’t help but feel she was led by God to the

missionaries that day. She has been praying for help to come closer to

Him and move forward from her past and she knows He has answered her

prayers through the missionaries.

Update on those were teaching:

Rudy-Rudy committed to be baptized this November! He always has

comments about the things he has been feeling and applying from the

Book of Mormon. He says he notices he is more patient and is starting

to see everything around him “in a new light”. He knows it’s true and

feels he can’t miss a day reading it now!

Jasmine-she had a family emergency this week and had to cancel our

lessons. Keep her in your prayers, she said she is eager to meet but

can’t just yet.

Ray-Ray! He was praying the other night to know if the things he was

learning were really true. He woke up at 4 am from a dream directing

him to turn to certain scriptures in the Book of Mormon. He then

texted us while we were sleeping saying that he got his answer and

that he knows of a surety this is where he needs to be!

He was so excited he couldn’t stop talking about it.  We’re so excited

for him. It is just amazing to teach him and see the hope he has that

all his guilt really can be swept away because of the Savior.

Oh and there was an earthquake here! The day after mom sent me how to

survive an earthquake guidelines hahaha so inspired. It was too small

to do any damage but hey exciting stuff.

All I know is this week has been incredible and I know this email is

all over the place, I can’t put in words my feelings or certain

situations sometimes but I love my mission and I love the gospel.

I was studying earlier this week and felt so impressed to include this

wonderful talk from priesthood session in my email so read it!!!


I love you all have a really really really good week.


I have some pictures of Ray on my camera I hope I can get them sent today

Using the last of my rite-aid gift card from my girl Renie in

Redlands. S/O to Renie!!!

Grettel! She’s in the middle of Sister Western (member) and Sister

Heiner. She is the cutest human I love her.

So much comp unity we had the same price of yogurt at yogurtland. It’s

sad most of my pictures are with food but I promise I’m running in the


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