General Conference. What can I say. 10/3/16

Well of course General Conference was amazing.

There are way too many good things to write about from it so I will

try to highlight just a few things that stuck out.

I have said this before but I’m so grateful that I have had the chance

to watch conference on the mission. It has opened my eyes to just how

much I can get from it. The coming weeks, even months before

conference you begin to have such a strong desire to be spiritually

fed by the inspired leaders in the conference ahead. Never again will

I take General Conference for granted!

Russel M. Nelson’s talk Sunday morning session. Yes. I loved how he

explained that we can be happy in every circumstance and that the

focus of our lives determines joy.

Joy comes from and is because of our Savior, he explained how He is

the source of ALL joy and that His joy is CONSTANT.

I have been studying the atonement lately and have come to find that

seemingly every account of someone using the atonement in their lives

results in JOY.

Heavenly Father wants his children to have joy. That is why He sent

His Only Begotten Son to earth. As we better align our will with His

and come unto the Savior we will have joy.

The overall message that stuck out to me seemed to be that we need to

constantly align our will with God’s. As President Thomas S. Monson

said, “He does nothing, save it be for our benefit.”

He simply knows what is best for us and I have felt I need to trust

Him more and strive to completely surrender my will to His.

I love General Conference. This week has been great. Lots of questions

have been answered.

Ray was able to watch conference and he said it was just like it was 6

months ago when he accidentally walked into a church building and

watched what he now knows as general conference. He has been hoping to

hear from the prophet ever since he heard from him that day, so it was

so special Ray could hear from him again.

We met with him last night and he said that someone asked him at the

church today if he was an “investigator”. He said he didn’t like that

word because “this is his church now” and “he is part of this family”.

We explained to Ray that we have weird terms in the church and

investigator is a word people use to identify someone learning about

the church and he goes, “well I’m not investigating, I know this is

where I want to be.”

He had a good point and all of us were smiling big as we told him he

is a part of our family and we won’t let him be anywhere else.

Jasmine wasn’t able to watch conference but we did set up a family

night with her and her kids and a family from our ward. It went super

well and it was good for Jasmine to see. We’re still waiting for the

kids to ask for permission to be taught but they are hesitant to ask

their dad, so we will keep praying!

We met a man named Rudy this week who was formerly learning about the

gospel and now wants to learn again! He went through a crisis and

decided to give himself to God. He has a family but he is the only one

open to learning. He has been reading and praying daily and says he

knows the Book of Mormon is true. We’re so excited to keep teaching

him. So many good things are happening here.

Honestly though, the main thing that has stuck out to me, especially

this weekend is how close I have felt to my Savior. I have been

thinking about Him a lot and have had memories come to mind of

spiritual experiences when I have felt His forgiveness and love.

Yesterday while driving I just had an overwhelming feeling that He was

there and that He has been constantly in my life. I love Him so much.

I just want to help everyone to feel His love for them and to know

that they can be completely healed because of Him.

I am so grateful for His gospel, for the way it has literally changed

my life and that I get the opportunity to stand as His witness for


I love you all have a really great week, review conference notes and

be happy okay?


Our zone picture from last transfer that I forgot about WOO FONTANA

The reactions of some people when they want us off of their doorsteps

I got new shoes so it was time to part from these ones

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