A deadly bee sting, transfers and miracles. Lots of miracles. Ps Happy Halloween!!! 11/1/16

Transfers are upon us this week and I am staying in Oleander! Training

a new missionary and continuing to be an STL with Sister Marler in the

zone (MY MTC COMPANION I LOVE HER). Oh my goodness I am so happy and


Can I just explain to you that I have never felt so much joy in my

life and this whole mission thing is just going by way to fast. I

cannot even explain the miracles we have seen this week I feel like

I’m in a missionary dream where people are literally reaching out to

us and finding us.

Okay so Monday night… remember the story of the girl named Mary?

…We met her husband awkwardly in the parking lot, started talking

with him and he asked where we were headed and we told him we were

going to visit a woman named Mary (we had never met her) and then we

found out that Mary was his wife, she pulled up and we started talking

okay perfect you remember.

So we finally met with Mary, she seemed to never be home when we would

come by and we taught her and her 8 year old daughter the restoration.

Turns out she has two Mormon sisters and used to read from the Book of

Mormon. Long story short, she wants to be baptized and has always felt

something was right about “the Mormons”. She knows this is what she

wants for her family.

ALSO we got a referral for a woman named Lori.

It said she wanted to meet us at the church so we could give her a Book of

Mormon. Not totally normal in missionary life.

We met with Lori this week and she explained that she has been periodically

going to the Mormon church with her friend in a different ward for the last


years! She feels the need to come closer to God and wants her kids to know

more about Him. She has visited just about every church and knows that

there is something special about this one. She loves the fact that it’s not

a paid ministry-when she found that out she knew this church was right.

Also, she has been reading the Book of Mormon on her phone before even

meeting with us! We invited her daughter, Moreen (13) to join us and

we taught the restoration to them both! They both want to be baptized

if they continue to feel the gospel is true. Lori was shocked that

Moreen was so receptive and wants to come to church this Sunday. She

Is already seeing the impact of the gospel on her family.

We had a lesson with Addy this week. Before the lesson we both

strongly felt the need to ask Sister Santamaria (a member in the Ward)

to come. We thought with her schedule that she wouldn’t be able to but

asked anyways. She was able to make it and Addy expressed during the

lesson that she has been experiencing opposition while trying to learn

more about the gospel. We told her this was normal and then Sister

Santamaria started explaining how she was once in Addy’s shoes. She

told her conversion story without really knowing Addy’s story and they

were basically identical. They both came into the church the same way

and faced the same type of opposition. Addy just started crying.

Sister Heiner and I just watched the situation roll out like a movie.

The whole time I was just in awe at the fact hat God is the most

perfect planner and He is so aware of Addy.

At the end, Addy and her daughter Mia prayed, it was the sweetest

prayer. She thanked God for sending us and Sister Santamaria to her

and she thanked Him for her concerns being resolved. After the prayer

she hugged us and said, “I just care about you missionaries so much, I

have been praying for you all week and it means so much to me you are

here for me because I haven’t had many people in my life that care

like you do”. My heart. I love her and Mia. Addy told her mom she’s

learning about the church and now her mom said she wants to come back

to church! It’s also having a huge impact on her boyfriend who has

somewhat strayed from the path. They are reading from the Book of

Mormon over the phone YES.

One of my favorite parts of the week was meeting with the

Orozco/Damasco family. We come over every time and they seem to be

having such a hard time with things. We encourage them with our WHOLE

SOULS to just read from the Book of Mormon daily. Max, the son has

been reading every morning and he’s so excited because he has seen the

difference and this week we came back and MIRACLES. Sister Orozco was

so happy and energetic and looked so much better. We told her we saw a

huge contrast in her and asked her what she has been doing and she

said she has been reading from General Conference talks! It’s changed


She finally said, “You know what girls? I know we need to come back to

church. And we are. We are going back to church.”  I just about cried

when she said that. She said that she felt like she was holding her

kids back once she noticed Max was loving the Book of Mormon. Atta boy


Not only that but she said she was praying to know how to have help

financially and the answer came so clearly to “pay tithing”. She is

eager to pay and the morning we came she thought she better read from

the Book of Mormon finally and when we showed up we read the talk from

General Conference “There is Power in the Book” and she goes, “It’s so

funny because it’s so clear that I need to read the Book of Mormon


A complete 180 change with them I just can’t believe it. Just from

reading General Conference talks and praying.

The Lord is so eager to bless us, we just need to choose for Him to.

Saturday. Oh my goodness we volunteered to help out at a walk for

Leukemia and all the sudden I feel the worst pain ever in my arm, look

over and a bee is trying to escape my arm with his stinger inside me.

First time getting stung. We battled. I tried to get him off for what

felt like eternity and he would not leave my arm. He finally fell off

and I pulled out the stinger then it started swelling and turning red

all around it. Ahhh so I went to the little nurse station nearby and

the nurse was about to call the ambulance. I was freaking out but I

kept praying I wouldn’t be allergic.

She was so surprised I didn’t have breathing problems and all was

well. Turns out it wasn’t an allergic reaction, just looked a lot like

it. Pretty sure the nurse needed some missionaries that day and that

the bee was inspired to attack me:) We will go with that.

But the nurse gave me a beautiful ice pack to walk around with. Pictured


I was the coolest one at the Leukemia walk, which we found out

afterward, was a beer and whine festival for Leukemia. None of the

missionaries knew that. Oh the struggle.

We also passed out lollipops at the Ward Trunk or treat that night. I

love this ward.

Also, yesterday the Ward had a Ward Fast for missionary work and

Bishop had the missionaries teach the 5th Sunday lesson about “how to

share the gospel”. It was so exciting I loved it. Grettel came! As

well as Jasmin and Ray of course. The other people that didn’t come

had semi-good reasons, they will be here next week.

Last thing, a woman named Yessell we had been trying to teach about a

month ago texted us this week saying, “Hi sisters! What do I have to

do to be baptized?” Welp. Okay. We let her know she needed to meet

with missionaries. She has a super busy schedule but we might be able

to skype during her lunch breaks. M i r a c l e s.

So much has happened sorry for the novel. I love this gospel and I

know that this is the Lord’s work. He has shown us way to many

miracles for it to not be.

I love you family. I love your costumes. Tonight we will be in at 6

decluttering the apartment. Is it weird I’m so excited?  I bet it is

pretty weird.


-Sister Orozco texted us after meeting with her. The last word is “me”

by the way. Ps she speaks Spanish too so excuse the semi-broken


-Sister Heiner made a head piece for me

-Our district WOO

-My bee sting hahaha not okay

-Day two of bee sting (she drew a circle in pen in case it got worse so

I could track it)

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