RAY 9/19/2016

This email is literally all about Ray. Let me tell you about him okay.

Earlier this week we were making calls at a park. We were heading back

to the car and there was this man sitting on a bench facing the other

way. We went up and started talking to him. We got to know him and he

explained how his parents had both died recently. We shared with him a

scripture from the Book of Mormon about what happens after we die and

then part of the Plan of Salvation pamphlet. We gave him the pamphlet

and a Book of Mormon to read before we come back. As we explained

where we go after this life, he said “Wow, I really hope that is

true!” He has the biggest heart and seemed so sincerely interested so

we were excited he wanted to meet again in a couple days.

Ray is a big guy, used to coach football and is just a literal giant

teddy bear. He is so humble.

Then fast forward to the day of our lesson with Ray:

I woke up feeling a bit like a train hit me in the night. So tired.

Throughout the day I literally was thinking to myself *I have never

been this tired and unmotivated/exhausted.* Then I started to think

about how psychotic missions are that we literally don’t take a second

to nap and the only breaks we have for 18 months are a lunch and a

dinner break. My mind just kept thinking dramatically that wow LIFE IS

ROUGH then I said a prayer that I would be able to feel reinvigorated

and remember my love for the mission.

Then we met Ray for our lesson.

We followed up on if he had the chance to read from the Book of

Mormon. He said “Yes! And opened up the book to a turned corner at

Alma chapter 14. Page 244. 244 pages.

Sister Heiner and I just stared confusingly at the book… “You read to


He said “Yes! I have just kept reading it ever since you gave me it!”

He then said, ” I have been reading it while walking and even on my

lunch breaks at work. My coworkers wondered where I have been at lunch

and I told them I was reading a book the missionaries gave me. They

asked me if I understood it and I said not really but that it brought

me a lot of peace so I keep reading.”

Not only that, but he also read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and all

of the scriptures from the back of it. He even watched a video from

the card we gave him with our church info on it.

He said that after he met us that day at the park he felt like he was

filled with so much hope. He also said he knows God led us to him

because he usually never stays at the park that long but this time he

just couldn’t leave and then we showed up.

Ah. It gets better.

So we taught the restoration and at the very beginning we explained

how God calls prophets like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses etc. and he

stops us and goes, “Well here is something I always ask but no one has

the answer for. If he called prophets then, who is our prophet now,

why wouldn’t he call a prophet for the times right now?”

Smiling ear to ear we were just like STAY TUNED RAY.

Towards the end the strongest impression came to me to show him a

picture of Thomas S Monson. We mentioned his name and that there was a

living prophet but didn’t show him a picture.

So we pull one up on the iPad and Ray looks at it and says “Thomas S.

Monson…I’ve seen him before!”

He starts explaining how about six months ago he got lost on his way

to a picnic and ended

up at a building with a lot of nice people all watching different

people speak on giant TVs. He said he heard that man speak!

Turns out he ended up at a church building watching general

conference. He said that he was there for a few hours but he remembers

it felt like 15 minutes and he has been wanting to hear from that man

ever since.


So we testified that Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet and then

Ray said “If that is the same guy I heard speak 6 months ago then I

know he is a prophet. I will stand by whatever he says.”

Needless to say, he is so excited for the first weekend in October.

Before we could even ask he asked us if he could come to church. Sure

Ray I guess we will allow you to come.

So he was at church yesterday and already has a close connection with

the members.

He explained how he met the missionaries in Sunday school and said

that he was at the park and after we showed up and shared with him a

little about what our message can do for him, he instantly felt hope.

He said a peace came over him and that he was so happy to be at church

that day. He wants to be baptized “as soon as he can be” and finally

feels direction in life.

Most prepared human I have ever met. He has such a special spirit and

during our lesson with him I just felt the Spirit so strongly.

Ah such a miracle to find him just when I needed a pick-me-up too.

Great things have happened this week but Ray just took over my whole

email. That’s okay though.

One other thing, after sacrament meeting at church, Jasmine said,

“Those speakers were all talking just to me.” She was kind of amazed

so we explained that the Spirit was teaching her what she needed to

hear and the speakers were inspired. And at our lesson with her this

week she said “before I met you guys I was praying for a church to go

to and a husband, and here I am.” She knows God has led us to her.

We are still waiting on the husband part but she is the cutest person

ever so she will find some cute guy and get married in the temple soon

we aren’t too concerned about that.

Giant takeaway from this week and the mission in general:

Our Heavenly Father answers prayers. I have learned that about every

single day out on my mission. I love Him and I love that He gives us

the opportunity to see Him work through us to help His children.

I have never had happier moments than on the mission. Let me tell you.

Have a great week here’s some random pictures

Us drinking hot chocolate because it was a freezing 80 degrees outside

A really cute puppy

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