I’m exhausted but extremely happy. But exhausted. 9/12/16

What. A. Week. I am exhausted but extremely happy. But exhausted.

It all started Monday night. (That’s basically when a week starts

anyways). We went to visit a less-active couple. Missionaries have

been meeting with them for years but seem to run out of things to

teach them because they don’t commit to much so they haven’t seen many

changes from what’s been taught.

I had never met them so we went in really praying that we would be

able to discern their needs. We talked about their experience of being

sealed in the temple, it was definitely an experience they cherish. We

then asked why they haven’t been back. The wife ended up explaining to

us that it was just too hard to pay their tithing. They have been in a

financial rut right now.

PERFECT. I got so excited, I told them that if anyone is having

financial problems the best thing to do is to pay tithing! It sounds

contradictory but tithing is really just a principal of faith and

obedience. God asks us to pay 1/10th of what He has given us to help

build His kingdom here on earth. When we pay our tithing and put our

faith in Him/show Him we are willing to be obedient, He blesses us. He

says in Malachi 3:10 “and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of

hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out

a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” We

explained this to this couple and had them read from Mosiah 2:41

(Book of Mormon) about the happy state of those that keep the


We asked the husband what stuck out to him about that scripture he

said, “Well, that is exactly what I have been looking for. That is

what I need right now, that kind of happiness.”

(Now this man is someone who has never been willing to read from the

Book of Mormon because he hasn’t seen its relevance in his life).

So the Spirit was completely guiding this lesson and at the end we

asked them if they would pay their tithing. The woman explained how

she has seen the blessings when they used to pay tithing. She said

they had younger (more expensive) kids and they had less income but

somehow they had all that they needed and now they feel they can

barely hang in there.

After the Spirit worked with them, the husband (who apparently never

commits to much of anything) said “I think I actually will do this,

yes, I will pay my tithing this month.”

AH YES we are so excited for them to test His words and see the

miracles in their life from obedience.

Ahh so miracles one day we went to see a woman who had been taught

before named Mary. I have made sure to talk with every moving thing

out there and this week that came in handy.

On the way to Mary’s, we were at an apartment complex and this man was

being dropped off by his friend, and was partly in the car grabbing

different things. As awkward missionaries we said hello, he didn’t

turn around so we awkwardly waited for him to gather his things. He

finally said bye to his friend and there we were waiting for him. We

started talking to him and he was actually extremely cool and we went

over the restoration with him. Then when we showed him the Book of

Mormon he said “Oh yeah my wife reads that to me!”


We got talking with him and come to find out he is married to Mary! He

said she actually told him she wanted to meet with missionaries again

and that she was almost to the complex so we waited with him for Mary

and my goodness they are so ready to learn more! Being an awkward

missionary is the only way to do the mission right.

We also went on exchanges with two companionships this week so that

was crazy but good to learn from them.

Then we had a lesson with Sister Chrestenson. A less active woman that

has been having the hardest time coming back to church. Let me just

say I am so grateful for the Spirit. We decided to be bold with her.

She has such a love for Jesus Christ so we explained how even though

she is content and happy right now, Christ asks us to take the

sacrament, read our scriptures etc. and we do these things to show our

love for Him. When we are content and happy with life, that is when it

is the hardest and most MEANINGFUL for us to obey-that is when our

love is really tested.

We explained how the ONE thing we can give our Heavenly Father and our

Savior is our obedience-the rest of it, well, they gave that to us.

Then a miracle happened. She said she would come to church. There was

a change in her and Lo and Behold Sister Chrestenson came to church

AND brought her less-active friend. Ahhhhh.

One more thing, we had a lesson with Jasmine, her son Jacob (11) and

her daughter Isabella (9). We went over the restoration since Jacob

wasn’t there last time then later Jasmine told us that Jacob said he

really liked learning and it made him “feel nice.”


Not only that, but Jasmine came to church Sunday!!! The kids were with

their dad but Jasmine is doing amazing. She really is starting to feel

this is what she wants.

Happy happy week my goodness I know that the Lord is so aware of us

and I am so grateful I have this chance to be on His time for 18

months and see how He can help His children.

I love you all, have a great week.

Pictured below:

Me trying to balance my birthday love

We got a picture from the conference with Elder Klebingot

The second exchange I look so tired

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