Hope thru the gospel 9/26/2016

We had a lesson with Ray Saturday. At the beginning he explained that

ever since he has been reading the “book” (Book of Mormon) he wants to

put the “old him” behind. He says he doesn’t want to be who he used to

be and he shared experiences of good choices he made that he knew  he

wouldn’t have made previous to reading that book. There is such a

power in the Book of Mormon. Oh and he read all the way through it and

started over by the way. Craziness.

But it was our second lesson and we were teaching the plan of

salvation and specifically about what happens after we die and Ray’s

phone goes off and he apologizes and let’s us know he needs to check a

text. Apparently, he had been getting texts from his grandma’s

caretaker that whole day explaining she wasn’t doing too well. His

grandma was the only family member still alive. He has no brothers or

sisters, his parents died a few years ago and his grandpa just died

recently. She was all he had.

He read the text and said he knew he shouldn’t have looked at it. It

said that his grandma just passed away.

The room was still and it broke my heart to see this big, tough man

trying not to cry. He said “she was all I had.”

Soon, a member we brought to our lesson with us offered him a

priesthood blessing and he willingly accepted. So thankful for the

priesthood and the comfort that blessing from His Heavenly Father gave

him. We then had to go home because of curfew but Ray said he would

make it to church the next day.

Ray was different at church, he would barely look up. But I am so

grateful he came and could be welcomed by the ward family. Not many

people knew what had recently happened with him but everyone reached

out in love to him and he was able to meet with the bishop which I

know helped.

At the beginning of that lesson with him he talked again and again

about how before he heard our message and started reading from the

Book of Mormon, he didn’t see a purpose for himself anymore. He had no

hope and felt he had no reason to live.

I just feel so strongly convinced that if it wasn’t for Ray finding

hope through the gospel right now, that he would feel no purpose to

life. It scares me to think where he would be right now with no ward

members there to be his family and no hope whatsoever. I think I

sometimes underestimate the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I also felt so strongly as we taught him just how much God is aware of

each of us. There was no coincidence we were teaching Ray the Plan of

Salvation amidst that text, no coincidence that we brought a

priesthood holder to join us as well and no coincidence that Ray has

found the gospel before this tragedy. He is not alone and we made that

clear to him. We pointed out just how aware He is of him and the

things He is doing for him to make it through this hard time.

I just know with all my heart that God is completely aware of His

children and eager to help us.

Also, the other week, we went in primary and they had the missionaries

talk about the blessings of being a missionary. We had the younger

kids who seemed to not understand what was going on but after we

talked about the blessings of missionary work and how they can be

missionaries right now , I asked, “So who wants to be a missionary?!!”

A girl stands up and says, “I want to be a power ranger!”

And then they all started teaming up with her.

Close enough.

Missionaries are basically power rangers.

Also women’s conference was amazing. I love President Uchtdorf’s talk.

I loved how he explained that faith is not us praying to force our

will upon God’s but it is trusting in Him and it is what empowers us

to act on His will even though we may not fully understand His will.

This week I am going to try better to ask for His will and listen,

then follow the impressions I get even if I feel that something else

would make me happier. He knows best. He has shown me that throughout

my mission. Even when what’s best is not the most fun at first, what’s

best has taught me the lessons I need to learn and helped me to become

better than I was before.

I love you all. I say that every week but I mean it. Have a good one!

I only have one picture. Us getting free ice cream. We walked by an

ice cream store and the guy taps on the window and explains how his

daughter is serving a mission. He then told us to help ourselves. The

people who help missionaries with free ice cream when they’re walking

in the burning heat are the people that win.image1-24

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