The Joy Comes from Love 8/22

Amazing humans,

I have absolutely no time to email today because I took so long on
this email oops so if I don’t get back to all of your personal emails
I’m so sorry next week I will!

But first, it has been an incredible week. I wish I had time to share
all of the miracles we have seen here.

It started with zone conference, President Dixon and Sister Dixon-ah.
They talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon. President
Dixon told this amazing story about how a Book of Mormon he simply
wrote his testimony in was distributed by the church to missionaries
and ended up in the hands of someone from Pakistan. He got a letter
back from him, the man said he felt the Spirit as soon as he read the
cover of the book. The story goes into way more depth about this mans
influence with the church worldwide… It’s amazing, can’t explain it
all. But the Book of Mormon has so much power. It can refute any
concern, I know it is true and I know that it is another testament of
my Savior.

They emphasized how LOVE for God and our brothers and sisters is
missionary work. I am really starting to REALLY understand that. The
mission is all about relationships-that’s where the joy comes from,
LOVE. I love my mission because I love my my brothers and sisters I
meet each day.
They also emphasized how this is the Lord’s work-He just lets us be a
part of it. And boy, as I have been trying to focus on just being a
good instrument in His hands and letting Him work through me, I have
seen miracles in this area where it has been claimed that “no one is
ready to receive the gospel”. So here are a few:

We have been praying for a family to teach this week and we felt the
need to try a woman that was listed in our notes from past
missionaries named Liz. She has never been taught by missionaries but
they said she was super nice.
We went by, her husband answered and said to give her a call. We did
and she willingly set up a time to meet with us.
So we were waiting at the church for Liz for our first lesson with
her, so excited and in walks her and her 3 cute kids!!! What a
miracle. They want to keep learning more.

Then we found two other wonderful people who want to learn more:

One who requested a copy of the Book of Mormon and was so intrigued
and eager to read it when we told him that it’s Another Testament of
Jesus Christ and even tells of His visit to the Americas after His
resurrection. He says he will ask God if it’s true and we have a
lesson with him Tuesday! What.

Then Rose, we met while walking down the street. She is strong in her
own beliefs but said she would let us in. We met for our lesson and
she begins to say, “So you’re Mormon right? We have a lot of
differences”. She started laughing and making it sound like we were
foolish for being Mormon. I was kind of thinking welllllll this won’t
turn out as we planned.
But then, one of the coolest moments on my mission… We started
teaching the restoration and she started to cling to every word. When
we recalled Joseph Smith’s word from the first vision, I felt the
Spirit stronger than any of the other times I have recounted that on
my mission.
At that moment I just thought this really is His work, I am just the
vessel for the Spirit.
By the end of the lesson she started to commit herself to reading the
Book of Mormon and praying to know if it is true (we didn’t even get
to asking her yet). She noticed it’s importance. We couldn’t have
convinced her of anything, we needed the Spirit to work through us to
touch her heart and it was incredible to see the 180 made in that
lesson. She is eager to meet again.

ALSO! While weekly planning we felt the need to stop by an members
home. We did one night and the Grandma walked downstairs to greet us.
She asked us if we were there because she hasn’t been active in the
church for a solid 30 years (we had no idea she even lived there).
We said no, that we just felt the need to come by. We got to know her
and shared a message with them about Jesus Christ, prayed and left and
then LO AND BEHOLD she is at church the next day. What. Her family was
all smiles as they walked in with her.
At church, we walk to her to say hello and she says “you girls inspired me.”
Again, the Spirit is so necessary. We really didn’t do much at all.

Okay last one, yesterday at church an active woman was sitting near us
in Relief Society. They had us talk with the person next to us about a
question pertaining to eternal families and the temple. Sister Heiner
noticed the woman was crying a little to herself.
We went up and sat by her (she didn’t have a partner near her) and she
explained that she has never been to the temple because there are “too
many obstacles in her life”.
Praying to think of how to best comfort her, we let her know that we
are here for her and that we will help her to take things step by step
so she can make it to the temple.
She then again said we wouldn’t understand and that there are too many
obstacles then the thought came to mind to tell her “He will open
doors for you.”
She was then so comforted and set a time to see us this week. It was
amazing. He really will open doors for her.
It taught me to never assume an active member of the church doesn’t
need help. We all go through things.

Miracles. So many miracles. It is a privilege to be on a mission and
exciting each day to be able to think I get to show those around me
everydayHis power and how much He is in their lives.
He doesn’t NEED us to be His instruments, He allows us to. It has
strengthened me and has given me a conviction to know without a doubt
that Heavenly Father loves me and that His Son, Jesus Christ is my
Savior who leads and guides His church on the earth today.

Liz and her cute kids!

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