My sister is getting married 7/25


Hey! You have such an exciting week ahead of you.
I know all my fans are wondering from that emoji (??) if I’m engaged
or not but no worries still single and a missionary??. But MY SISTER
IS GETTING MARRIED SATURDAY, hence the emoji. I will miss out on the
wedding of the century but I am nothing but happy for my amazing
sister. I’m excited to see some pictures.

That will be so special to be sealed in the temple. The more I talk to
others about the temple, the more I come to feel how sacred it is and
how important the commitment of marriage is.
She will be an extremely good looking bride. Blake and Brynn. Too
classy. I’m also excited to have an older brother. With great hair.

Anyways, I have been super blessed. Heavenly Father has helped me to
love my mission especially with what would seem a hard week coming up.
Somehow, I don’t feel homesick, I feel so distant from “home” none of
this seems like a reality so it’s been a big blessing. I know He is
looking out for me.

Okay here’s some great stuff are you ready. ???

On Thursday we were eating at a members home and BEST THING EVER…
They are amazing Ward missionaries and we started talking about
what friends they have been thinking of. They kept thinking of their
friend Joe and his mom Fran. Fran used to be taught by missionaries a
while back.
Towards the end of dinner, Brother Davison asked if they could
introduce them to us.
WHAT. We were like wait, do you want to role play this first?? This is huge.
He just boldly went a few doors down with us and Sister Davison
and knocked on the door. We had seen Joe from a Ward missionary family
night before so we said it was good to see him, asked how he had been
etc. and then Brother Davison said “The sister missionaries were just
at our place for dinner and asked who it is we know that they could
share their message with. We thought Joe! Would you want to listen to
their message sometime?”
He replied with “Yeah, sure!”

…..Take a moment to let that all sink in.

Then we set a time we could meet with Joe and Fran and the Davisons!

So cool. So pumped. Some things take just a few seconds of insane courage.

ALSO. Miracles.
Ann. Our investigator Ann has been coming to church regularly, knows
it’s true, wants things to calm down with her house before baptism and
doesn’t want to be set to a date but has a date in mind and has been
praying about it.

She wants to make a few changes in her life as well but it’s hard for
her, so that seems to be her main hold up. Without a set baptism date
to look forward to, it’s been easy for her to push things off for a
little, which is understandable.
We had a wonderful lesson with her though.

We felt impressed to read 3 Nephi 11. Can’t complain it’s probably my
favorite. And as we read about Christ appearing to the people in the
Americas, we took a few stops between verses to apply them to our
lives. Then, before the verses where Christ even mentions baptism, we
ask her, “What are your thoughts from reading this right now?”
She says, “I feel kind of bad.”
We were a little confused, “Bad about what?”
She goes, “I really want to be baptized, I know He wants me to be, I
feel it. But I have pushed it off and now I have to get done with my
move before I make that step.”

We were just stunned.
The Spirit was working with her. Those verses mentioned nothing about
baptism. They were the verses when Christ comes and explains who He
Her desire has grown so strong to be baptized and her heart has softened.
We are so excited for her. She moves this weekend and the whole Ward
is helping out. After the move she says she really will make the
changes she needs to and enter the waters of baptism. There is power
in the Book of Mormon my friends.

Maryanne (an investigator we have recently started teaching whose son
passed away in April) has been super close-minded to coming to church.
It’s hard for her to leave the house because of the tragedy that has
happened. Plus, I quote.. “9 am and 3 hours?!!!? You Mormons are
But no need to fear bc MEMBERS. She has Mormon neighbors, the Pratts!
The Pratts are wonderful. They live two doors down and have met
Maryanne on occasion. We noticed we had dinner with Sister Pratt
coming up so we asked if she could invite Maryanne.
We had dinner with them Saturday and it was just the best thing ever.
Maryanne had so much fun with her they just clicked. Sister Pratt
invited her to church and lo and behold, she came! MARYANNE CAME TO

Maryanne has had brief contacts with members in our Ward from lessons
etc. and so they were extremely inspired to see Sister Pratt walking
in with Maryanne.

One of the members found out we found Maryanne and they said to their
whole family, “This sounds like us! Not knowing that the people that
live two doors down from us are prepared, then the missionaries find
them and they’re ready to learn! We need to work harder!”

Maryanne is getting this Ward more missionary minded??
Not only that, but we got to talk to every auxiliary about having
“missionary moments” so Sister Davison shared hers about Joe and Fran
in Relief Society and everyone was pumped. Everyone kept adding
missionary-minded comments throughout the lesson even though that
wasn’t the topic of the lesson or anything. Happy day. I love the
Prospect Park Ward.

Oh! Also, remember how we shared a message with the Dyers (members)
and had them think of names to work with, then prayed and one name
(Dory) stood out to all of us?
Then they invited her to dinner and the whole thing seemed to blow up
in our face as we tried to teach the restoration and she said she
wasn’t interested?
We have encouraged Sister Dyer to stay in contact with Dory because
there was a reason she came to mind and GUESS WHAT.
She invited her to a temple tour, she came and said she has never felt
so much peace. Now we are eating with her this week. Her heart has
been softened to the max all thanks to the members.

Members. Members. Members.

So important.

It’s been great, there are some great things ahead.

Have a wonderful week full of wedding shenanigans. I love you all. ??????

Oh and there’s a link to a new Mormon message that oh my goodness I
just love it. You all need to watch it.

Ps sorry I need to take more pictures with people other than my
companion I always forget.
Me trying on Sister Gulls sunglasses
Sister Rounds using social media in the best way:)
Here’s us painting with Ann. Her trying to escape the picture. SHE


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