He loves His Children 8/1

This week I have just been overwhelmed and taken back by how aware my

Heavenly Father is of me. He has truly been there to comfort me
through missing my sisters wedding. Ah man, this week has been
incredible. There were a few points towards the weekend when I thought
wow… someone must be praying for me. How am I doing this. So it was
no surprise to read your emails and read that you have been praying
extra for me to be happy and stay focused.

I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father, everything kind of boiled down
to Friday night. Up until this point I really had felt so distant from
reality and from the fact that I would really be missing Brynn’s
wedding. Then we went to give temple tours and it kind of sank in, my
sister is getting married at the temple tomorrow. I couldn’t help but
feel I wanted to be there!
But we didn’t wait long at the temple before a family came towards us
for a tour. They said they felt so much contention in their home and
they knew they needed to walk around the temple. It was wonderful to
give them a tour, then about half way in between, another member
family joined in.
Then a little after them, a couple came walking by, their names were
Mckayla and Dean. We asked if they wanted to join the tour and they
said “sure!” We weren’t sure if they were members or not. This last
half of the tour, I felt the Spirit so strongly. Towards the end we
asked the group “What are some of the feelings you’ve had throughout
the tour?” Some of the kids talked about peace and comfort and then we
asked “Would anyone else like to share the way they feel here on the
temple grounds?” Then Mckayla, trying to explain how she felt said, “I
feel so much… lighter here”. Dean, who was more quiet, nodded his
head agreeing with her, as he looked at the temple.
At the very end we were able to bear our testimonies and I have never
felt the Spirit at a temple tour so strongly as I did then. We prayed
with them to end the tour, then afterwards, we started talking to
Mckayla and Dean.

We found out that they are both not members of the Church and Mckayla
had always seen the temple from the street and thought it was so
beautiful. She said she felt the need to finally go see what it was
all about so she asked Dean if he could come with her. They asked us
more about what we do in the temple and after explaining that we are
baptized for those who never had that opportunity and that our
families are meant to be together for eternity and can be sealed
inside, Dean said, “That just makes so much sense.” Mckayla agreed and
said, “Well yeah I love that, If God is merciful, why wouldn’t he give
everyone a chance?”
They were so sincerely interested. It was amazing. McKayla said “I
could feel the passion you guys have for what you teach coming through
you to me. It is really cool.”
At that point I just couldn’t help but think, the Spirit is amazing.
Dean said “I am so glad we came here, I’m actually so eager to look
into this stuff.” As we started handing them a couple pamphlets and a
Book of Mormon.
After we exchanged info, Mckayla said “We are really are excited to
talk with you two again.”
And Dean, walking away with Mckayla, said to her smiling, “I feel so
good right now.”

Walking back to the temple, Sister Gull and I looked at each other
then tried to “act natural” while silently screaming within ourselves.
There we knelt on the grounds and offered a prayer of thanks to
Heavenly Father for sending Mckayla and Dean to us.
They both live in different areas, but we are excited to hand them off
to some super lucky missionaries. We are so blessed, we got to see how
being on the temple grounds and feeling the Spirit there had such an
impact on these two. I can’t even explain what it was like, but trust
me it was amazing to be a part of.

I couldn’t sleep that night. It was that point of joy that you need to
pray to have less of it because you can’t sleep. Ya know? Missionary
problems. It is those nights that make all of this WORTH IT. It was
such a tender mercy from my Heavenly Father to place such a miracle
and such a feeling of joy in my mission when I would need it most.

This week we also had interviews with President Dixon. It was all so
perfectly timed. He helped me so much.

I am so happy for you Brynn Hadley! Most beautiful bride ever. Hope
you all have a wonderful week. I love you guys.

As part of the pictures, this week we were also able to have a
BBQ/pool party at our Ward mission leaders home with some members and
investigators. It was perfect. Besline and her family came and had a
blast. She is going through chemo so she isn’t really taking lessons
anymore but we are so glad she could make it.
Not only that, but 17 amazing men from the Ward came to help our
investigator Ann move. It was incredible. She is moving inside the
Ward still, but they got it done in like 2 hours. She was so grateful.

Pictured below:
Video of the amazing members helping Ann
Brother Dyer getting his selfie game on at dinner with Renie hahahaa too good
Me thinking I’m funny



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