Fontana 8/15

Wow. What a crazy week.

Right before I left Redlands, we had an amazing family home evening
with a family from our Ward and Renie and her daughter Ruby May joined
us (Ruby May is the one that’s waiting on permission from her dad to
be baptized). Anyways, the Spirit was so strong as the Grier family
talked about our divine nature and how we really all are children of
God who chose His plan in the pre-existence.
Ruby May was tearing up towards the end as we asked her how she has
felt the gospel has brought her closer to her Heavenly Father.
We found out that the next night, Ruby May was at her dad’s house
watching tv and he said, “Here, I know what you can watch instead” and
turned on an anti-Mormon video from YouTube. Ruby said she felt sick
to her stomach and ended up leaving the room. She told her mom that
the family night with the Griers really helped her to not want to
watch the video he put up and helped her to walk out. It was all so
inspired, Heavenly Father knew what needed to happen, He is looking
out for her. And it made my heart so happy to hear she didn’t let it
get to her.

But this Wednesday I headed off to Fontana. I forgot to mention,
Sister Gull is staying in Prospect Park area and THEY’RE GETTING A SET
OF ELDERS. Makes my heart happy to see how great the work is going
Yes, I do still feel that a chunk of my heart is in Redlands but here
I am in the Oleander Ward and I really do love the people here. First
things first, my new companion, Sister Heiner. She is the sweetest
human and was in this area last transfer with my trainer Sister Gunn!
Sister Gunn just went HOME (crazy) so now I’m her replacement here.
But anyways, Sister Heiner has been clogging for 13 years.
She is from Orem, UT.
She has 4 siblings and is the youngest.
This is her 2nd transfer.
She’s shy, but sweet. Probably thinks I’m crazy and hyper.

So Oleander Ward. Got here to find out they haven’t had a single
investigator for a solid 4 months.
We got our work cut out for us but honestly I am pumped for some
reason. I guess it can only get better from here so maybe that’s why.
Totally different from the work in Redlands though that’s for sure.

We have already found a few people that seem really interested and we
have appointments with them this week so I hope we can find an
investigator or two this week.

But, it’s been tough. The adjusting and trying to follow up train
while not knowing the area at all and not even knowing what to do each
day because we have no one to teach. In my interview with President
Dixon a few weeks ago, he said the toughest areas were the times he
came closest to the Lord. As soon as he said that I just felt I was
getting sent to a tougher area. I already have felt closer to the Lord
and have been praying extra here so change is always good.

Plus! We get to teach tons of members that aren’t active in the church
anymore. It’s exciting, there are so many that we can bring back into
the church! We met with a couple this week already.

I read a letter from Sister Dixon today and I just want to quote her
because it is exactly what I needed to hear this week as well as every
other missionary.

“Many of us had visions of missionary work before we came here. We
visualized ourselves like the pictures we saw in the Ensign; walking
down a road, talking to people, happily providing service. But those
images were in our heads and now we are on our feet. On our feet we
see that it is wretchedly hot, that there is no line-up of people
waiting to listen. On our feet there is disappointment and
discouragement and there is this moment where things are so bad that
the unthinkable happens and we realize that alone we are a failure to
ourselves, our families, and the Lord who sent us.

That is the moment God sent you here for.

That is the moment where you realize He is going to mold you, like
clay into the man/woman who you are meant to be. That is the moment
where you realize that you are not enough and that you must turn to
Him if you are going to make it.”

I know that out of all of the people I have been able to help on my
mission, He has helped me more than I feel I have helped them. He has
truly molded me through tough companions and areas, tons of
rejection…as well as great companions and areas and tons of

He is constantly molding us because He loves us. On a mission or not,
He does it because He loves us.

I am so thankful and I am so excited to just give these next 6 months
my all and continue to have joy in the work.

I love you all, have a great week.

Here’s some pictures from Redlands and Fontana. There’s still some on
my camera, stay tuned.

CA mission. Get it?!!!
Ruby May and Renie ahhhh I love them
The Carlsons! He’s the Ward mission leader. They gave me a Redlands
sweatshirt and granite from the Redlands temple as a going away gift.
My heart.
A cool husky we saw here in Fontana
Sister Heiner and I



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