Well sooooo this week we moved apartments. I swear missionaries are the fastest movers. We finally ditched the bed bugs and our apartment manager has given us the nicest apartment known to missionaries. Seriously, wood floors, granite countertops, white cabinets. It’s nice. This was on Thursday so we had to lug everything out into this new apartment from about 10:00-4:00. I have never been so tired, luckily the APs helped us with the fridge and everything up and down the stairs. Then we went out the rest of the day. Even though I could hardly walk, that day we were finally able to meet with Lacey! She is the cutest and has a 4 year old boy named Tyler. She’s now a new investigator so I’m so excited to keep teaching her. This week there has been a major emphasis from President Dixon on finding those Heavenly Father has prepared and all of the miracles that can happen. I need to share with you a part of his email from today because it is so inspiring for members and missionaries. Okay? Okay. “….I prayed before I left my house that the Lord would lead me to one of his elect and I almost missed the opportunity. I was in a parking lot looking for a place to get a haircut. A nice young man approached me and let me know where there was an open barber shop. I thanked him and then drove off in my car to find the shop. When I was about half way there the Lord rebuked me and I realized that I prayed for the opportunity to meet someone that I could find for the missionaries to teach and then I didn’t open my mouth. I immediately turned my car around and went and found him. We had a great conversation and he began to weep as we talked about Jesus Christ and the doctrine of eternal families. He agreed to have the missionaries come by. When he left I felt so grateful that the Lord had answered my prayer and I learned that I have to be totally focused on the spirit to recognize the opportunity when it comes. At first, I was more worried about getting my haircut than “finding one more”. I’m so glad the Lord intervened and prompted me to do better. It really works. Keep after it and do it with a SMILE! I know that missionary work can be stressful at times and that it is easy to get bogged down following the same routines. However, please remember that we are sharing a message of joy and happiness with the people of California. “Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have JOY!” (2 Nephi 2:25) When we are happy we are able to shine a light to the people that see us. Let them know that we are sharing the “Great Plan of Happiness” and that we are living examples of that happiness. I challenge you to make your finding and teaching fun this week. Be creative, show your personality and warmth, think outside the box, serve with real intent, try something new, and again…SMILE! If people reject you…SMILE. If people accept your message…SMILE.” Isn’t he amazing? He is so inspired. Last night I decided to pray and rededicate myself to my mission. I felt that I was getting so stuck in the routine of things and my heart wasn’t all in lately. I decided to tell Heavenly Father that I want to treat every single day and opportunity as important as it really is. I told Heavenly Father that I want to love it as much as I did when I wasn’t so in routine. Then this morning I read this email. Yep. So cool. One more thing, Pamela and Troy came to a convert baptism for another Ward! We sat next to them and I kept praying they would be touched by the Spirit. It seemed kind of chaotic for a baptism, lots of people walking in randomly, the Hermanas were translating in the back so it sounded like someone was talking right after the speaker etc. so I just kept praying that they got something from it! Then the Ward mission leader got up to announce the next speaker and he looked around then said that before the next talk he wanted to mention what attracted him to the gospel. Getting a little choked up he said that the thing that impacted him the most was knowing that the loved one he recently lost could live with him forever and that because of the ordinances performed in the temple, she would have that chance to be baptized. Chills just went straight through me. What he said probably seemed so random to others in that room, but it was not random at all. He had never met Pamela and Troy, he had no idea they had just lost their daughter in the most tragic way and that they knew she wanted her baptism done for her in the temple. He had no idea, but he was inspired by the Spirit to say what he said. Then I see Troy in the corner of my eye wiping a tear from his face. Just an added witness to me that Heavenly Father places certain things in our day just for us. It’s amazing to see, especially when you become so close with people and know their concerns and see that He is answering their prayers as well as yours through others. I love my mission. I love Redlands. Who even knew Redlands CA was a place? Well it is. It’s a great place. Heavenly Father has not only been preparing people here for our influence as missionaries, but He has also been preparing us to be more converted by seeing the changes that take place in people’s lives and being influenced by their conversion. Have a wonderful week, so happy for my sister who went through the temple this week! San Diego is so close yet so far. Keep the pictures coming! I love you all so so much. Love, Sister Taryn Peterson Hey here’s the best website ever: discover.mormon.org

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