Viruses 6/9/16

Well it has been quite the week.

It started out with zone conference. Last zone conference with

President and Sister Van Cott. Crazy sad. We have zone meeting

tomorrow and they will be stopping by everyone’s zone meetings for

final goodbyes. I can’t believe it. I am so sad but also excited, the

Dixon’s seem amazing too.

Oh and for all you RMs out there, President Dixon is apparently in

every “My Plan” video, the training for the last transfer of your

mission. Super cool and it’s cool I will have him at the end of my

mission since he is basically expert on that!

But okay first off, I have some kind of virus. This virus hates me.

Since Friday I have been feeling nautious and nothing that I eat wants

to stay inside me. I feel horrible but they say it will pass.

I knew right away to get some Gatorade and drink tons of water then we

asked our mission nurse what I should do and she said just that. I owe

it all to you mom!

Somehow I have been able to slowly do the work despite how I’ve been

feeling, but it all has kind of come crashing down on me today. So

it’s good it’s a P-Day.

I won’t take too long but yesterday the Ward fasted for missionary

work and it was the coolest thing to see all of the members’

testimonies and prayers more missionary-minded.

The Dyers had their friend Dory over for dinner on Wednesday, the one

that all came to our minds as we prayed! We got talking to her and I

just thought all the stars were aligning, she was so sweet too. Then

when we started to talk about our message as missionaries, turns out

she has a strong belief against ours. It was a huge bummer but the

Dyes are meant to be in her life at this time and are helping her

become receptive to the gospel one day. Not everything turns out to be

a miraculous story at first though that’s for sure.

Another thing to add to some sadness, Marla, the one we met at the

grocery store, told us she has decided to go back to her old church.

She can’t deny that God has lead us to her though and she says she

knows the Book of Mormon is true but doesn’t see the point in meeting

anymore because she “won’t change”. Kind of disappointing, especially

when she knows better but we will keep praying for her and we know one

day she will come back around.

Okay funny not so funny thing, exchanges are now not going to be

overnight due to bed bugs. Weird it all came from my bed. Disgusting

actually. When us and our roommates went on exchanges this last

transfer we gave 3 other sets of sisters bed bugs so yeah. It was

right before we knew about them.

And here’s another random thing

At a baptism for Mill Creek on Saturday I made eye contact with this

man that looked so familiar. As soon as we made eye contact he walks

up to me and shakes my hand, looks at my name tag and says “Sister

Peterson? Like Taryn Peterson?”

I was like what the… is that my first name he just said….

I said “Yes… How do I know you?” I was thinking he might have been

in one of the other wards I served in etc.

He said “Did you live at Alpine Village?”

Turns out he was the first counselor in the bishopric up at my YSA

Ward in Orem! Brother Knapp!

He didn’t know I was serving a mission or anything so it was crazy to

find out I had been in his nieces Ward (Mill Creek) a couple transfers

back! He’s now the bishop in the YSA Ward!

Crazy Mormon coincidences.

But sorry for THE MOST DEPRESSING RANDOM EMAIL EVER. It has just been

a weird week, full of humbling experiences.

One super cool thing though, we had a lesson with a woman we met named

Kristine. She’s new to the area and the sweetest human ever. We taught

the first part of the restoration and she kept crying. She said “I

don’t know why I am crying.”

We helped her to see it was okay to cry, it just meant she was feeling

the Spirit. We are so excited to teach her again.

It’s no surprise that my prayers this week have been more sincere and

heartfelt. I have been listening more for answers as well. Humbling

experiences do that, they are needed. This week I have felt closer to

my Heavenly Father than others. It’s too bad that sometimes we need

humbling experiences to feel that way.

I am grateful for my mission. For the hard times just as much as the

good times. It is changing me just as much or more than it is changing

the lives of others and that is how I have seen Heavenly Father’s love

the most. Not as much through the miracles, but through the hard times

that have cut me down so that I can stand taller, improve and be


He loves us each so much.

Have a great week, I will get better super soon I can tell.

I love you all did you know?

Ps. Grant. I was at a members home and their 16 year old daughter was

like “Your brother is so good looking.” I was like um whattttt. Turns

out they found my Instagram then found you and now her and all her

friends are obsessed with you hahahahahah. Don’t let that get to your

head though! Stay humble, and don’t like girls yet. Love you.

Okay first video, sent to us by his grandma, is a boy in our Ward.

Funniest thing. I muted it of course but too good.

Second picture, spider. Big spider on my bed.

Second video, while making calls one day some random boys decided to

give us some lovely gifts.

Third picture, seems to sum up my week.

Fourth picture, us after temple tours woo!

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