Prospect Park + Sister Gull round 4!?!?? 6/20/16

Okay so I have been in prospect park with Sister Gull for 3 transfers.

Before these 3 transfers, I was in the Ward next to it here in

Redlands for 2 transfers. I have been in Redlands for 5 transfers

already! That’s almost half of my mission!

Logically I thought I would be out of here by now since President

switches things up so often but yesterday during church our Ward

mission leader asked if we wanted to know about transfers, we said um

YES so he texted President asking “are we keeping our sister

missionaries?” And President replied “yes.”

I couldn’t believe it! But turns out I am staying here with Sister

Gull. I know it’s right, I have felt I was staying here but it seemed

too good to be true. Sister Gull and I have had our rough patches, but

I have learned so much from that. Now I get one more transfer to

really swallow my pride and just love her. Things have been a lot

better between us recently though and we both are excited for 7 more

weeks here.

Soooo miracles.

During weekly planning this week, all of a sudden Pamela called us

saying she has been meaning to tell us that her 3 kids have not been

baptized and she would like them to take the lessons. What.

She said getting them baptized had completely slipped her mind until

recently, when her daughter, who had recently been kidnapped and

killed, appeared to someone close to her in their dream (that’s not

even a member) and said,

“Tell my family to not forget about my baptism.”

We were speechless.

She says she wants to get her family to the point where they can be

baptized for their sister in the temple. They all were able to come to

our temple tour the day after that phone call.

Her kids seem pretty traumatized from their sister being kidnapped and

killed so recently, especially the youngest one who is 9 and saw this

all take place. I cannot imagine.

He seemed to want to hide from everything and everyone, Pamela said it

was a struggle to get him there.

Then, towards the end of the tour, I hear his little voice as he is

tugging on his mom, he says “Mom, I feel something right here.”

…pointing to his heart.

Probably one of the sweetest moments on my mission.

Heavenly Father wanted Him to feel the Spirit and His love for him. He

was able to feel the comfort he needed there on holy ground when such

a horrible, traumatic event had so recently taken place.

Speaking of the temple, we have been working with the sweetest

less-active mom and daughter. Her daughter is 14 and has never entered

the temple. We were able to talk about the temple this last lesson

with them and she committed to meeting with the bishop for a


On Saturday she told us she was able to get her recommend and she will

be going with the young women for their temple trip to do baptisms


Ah I’m so excited for her.

Other MIRACLE, the YSA elders gave us a man named Michael to teach who

was a referral from a member. Michael is the most humble guy I think I

have ever met. He is so eager to learn. We brought the most perfect

members for him to our lesson this week and then they waited for him

in the foyer at church and sat by him. Members are key.

(Annndddd here’s an update on some people I haven’t really updated you

on for a while okay ready go:

Maddie- we finally got to meet with her and now she is leaving to

Europe slash every cool place in the world and won’t be home until

August. She wants to be baptized as soon as she’s back though so we

are aiming for August 6th!

Jean- JEAN LEFT US. To go to Park City, until October. Don’t freak

out!!!!! She’s still progressing and awesome and getting closer and

closer to baptism. She will be right by her daughter that’s a member

and will be going to church up there every Sunday. She is aiming for

October for baptism but we’re hoping she aims a little sooner. She’s

ready, just indecisive. She’s like me. Luckily we got to attempt to

hit some golf balls with her before she left. She’s a smart one (to go to


City for the summer, because it feels like AZ over here.

Besline- she is now going through chemo and of course it’s not the

best time to meet with her for lessons but keep her and her cute

family in your prayers.)

Great things are happening though.

On Father’s Day I was of course thinking a lot about my amazing

father. Hey dad, I am so lucky to have you in my life. I cannot say

even the smallest part of the example you have been in my life and how

grateful I am for you.

You help me to understand a glimpse of how much Heavenly Father cares

for his children.

On Father’s Day, I was thinking about what it is that I could do to

wish my Father in Heaven a Happy Father’s Day. I came across this

quote (pictured)

The best gift we can give to our Heavenly Father is to love His

children. I am trying to have more of an awareness to love others and

see them as He sees them. “When ye are in the service of your fellow

beings, ye are only in the service of your God”. (Mosiah 2:17)

We cannot truly love God without showing love to His children. He

loves my companion, He loves the many who have slammed their doors my

face, He loves the homeless, the sick, the wealthy, the poor. He loves

His children and because I love Him I will try my best to LOVE his

children, my brothers and sisters, the way He would want them to be

loved, despite their faults or differences.

Happy late Father’s Day to my incredible father here on earth and to

our Father in Heaven who wants nothing more than for us to be happy

and return to live with Him again. I love them both indescribably.

Picture is of Jean (our investigator, the one we golfed with last week in


sister gull and I)

Then Sister Birkmeyer who we took to our lesson

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