Oh how I love you guys 5/9/16

A  few cool things this week

So yesterday,


Besline and her 10 year old daughter,

Ruby May , Renies daughter, (who we FINALLY got permission from her dad to

teach) and

Maddie Chung

All came to church!

It was a happy day.

AND 2 less-active women came that we have been working with!

Best thing to see them there.

Church was great too, they talked about mothers of course and everyone

was tearing up. I love you mom!!!!

Seriously though, you are the greatest mother there is. I did not

realize how much you did for me until I came out here. I love you so


But this week a woman came to our church building named Emma, she

pulled up next to some elders and said “when does church start?”

They walked her into church and turns out she’s looking for a church

and wants to follow Christ.

Okay. Perfect.

The elders then introduced her to us, they thought she was in our area

so we set up a time at church to come by the next day for a lesson.

So on Monday we come for a lesson, teach her the restoration then

commit her to baptism May 21st!

She is SO PREPARED! We realized she’s just outside of our area though

so we handed her over to the other elders but it just helped me

remember that there are prepared people out there. The field is white

already to harvest-always has been.

Then! Later this week we had a Ward Mother’s Day Brunch! We posed the

idea to our Ward mission leader and of course since he’s incredible he

got it all taken care of and had it at the bishops home, with tons of

girly food like chocolate strawberries and little keesh things (mom I

have no idea how to spell keesh you might wanna fix that).

All of the men put it together and then they had the 18 year old boys

dress up in suits and serve the women/clear the tables. It was such a

great thing, tons of less-active members and investigators came as

well as some non-members.

One of which, is literally E.T’s wife.

Let me repeat that.

I sat across from E.T’s wife for most of the brunch. Her husband

literally played E.T. He has no legs and they got married just before

they started filming the movie.

Yeah so my next goal is to baptize her and E.T.

Also! I went on an exchange with one of my favorite people in Spanish

land! Hermana Ramos, my hilarious old roommate from Palm Springs. It

was a blast. (She’s the one in the picture below)


Nuestro mensaje, el cual se centra en jesucristo es de gran valor e

importancia. Yo se que jesucristo vive y nos ama

Basically I am fluent. We had lessons and that was about all I could

say but hey I had homemade tortillas and tons of oil paired with them

and got to spend time with Hermana Ramos and learn from her wisdom

since she is going home in 2 weeks. Craziness.

Okay one super cool moment, one of the best on my mission so far:

This week we had the chance to teach Besline. We talked about how God

is our loving Heavenly Father and how He has sent Jesus Christ for us

because He loves us. Before we headed out she said smiling,

“You make me forget I have cancer”.

She went on to say the feelings of hope that she has when she meets

with us. Heavenly Father lets us be vessels for that hope. It is such

a privilege.

ALSO Renie Price went through the temple this week! (to do baptisms)

It was the best. As we were in the temple she says, is this air

filtered super well? It seems so pure!

Even after we got out she said” I just can’t believe how pure it felt

in there! I wonder what they use to filter their air.”

Hahah we were like yes they may have air filters, but it’s a House of

the Lord as well, super pure and holy, that might be a factor.

She loved it though, she said she felt so much purpose and can’t wait

to go back with Ruby May once she’s baptized.

Then today we finally did something kind of exciting for P-Day! We

went on a hike with Sister Van Cott and two other sister

companionships. Sister Van Cott is just a ball of energy. She was

leading us all up to the top.

Sister Gull now is recovering from the hike with blurry vision and

throwing up occasionally so we are seeking some medical help, that’s

why I’m so late to email. She just slept for a good few hours though

so that helped.

But it was so good to see you guys. I love you. Best family I ever did

meet. Sorry there wasn’t a picture where everyone was ready. Typical.

I decided Grant won’t mind.

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