It just keeps getting better 4/19/16

Longest email ever sorry.

So much has happened this week. Renie and Zenah finally got confirmed this week! We have had general conference then stake conference so they had to wait a couple weeks. It was so powerful to hear their confirmations and I noticed both blessings talked about their influence to others. It’s cool to think about all the lives they are and will affect. And they are getting the Ward more excited as well!

Also, Zenah has been getting so involved in family history. She explained how she has started to just find names and names of her ancestors that she could never find before. She has had some incredibly spiritual experiences with family history and its obvious that she is needed to help her ancestors on the other side. She says she continues to realize just the “gravity” of all of this. How real and important this restored gospel is. 

I’m going to organize my thoughts under people today because just way too many things happened 


Hahhahaa okay so this is funny. So we met this man the other day named Geeno and he said he wants to learn more so we are like WOO cool. We kind of questioned his intentions so we were going to make sure a priesthood holder and his wife came with us to his lesson at the church. Then before our lesson with him he texts us this (spelling and punctuation exact)

“High sisters. Just touching bases. You girls are both as pretty as little spring flowers. And. Believe it or not I am 56 years. Old. But we could still become. Good. Friends. My mother. Was once a nun. I hope. To see the both of you tomorrow. Cause. We do have. A date at the church. Right. And I would really appreciate. Just the warmth. Of. Your. Company.”

Hahahahahah oh no

So our text back to him…. “There are missionaries just like us, but boys, that will be meeting you at the church tomorrow for your lesson instead!”

So now the elders in the other Ward are teaching him, apparently he’s a pretty solid investigator haha so good for Geeno!!!

Okay and one other thing, we were walking at night to see a potential and then I felt such a warning from the Spirit. On my mission this warning has been so distinct so I couldn’t deny it, I said “I’m sorry but I know we need to leave here but I’m not sure why.” 

We started walking back into the car and then from a distance we see this guy hollering at us and whistling at us then walking towards us, he started saying some vulgar things and we got in the car just in time. 

I am so so so so grateful for the Spirit and that Heavenly Father protects us. It strengthened my testimony of acting on the prompting even if you don’t know why. 

Ruby May

So we were at Renie’s this week and Ruby May was there! She hasn’t been able to ask for permission from her dad to take the lessons yet so we couldn’t teach her but she did ask us a few questions and asked what it would be like if we taught her. 

She then started crying saying what she told Renie, that she feels the difference at this church. It was so cool to see her and Renie agreeing with each other and see how happy Renie is that Ruby May is interested. If she does get permission we will teach her Friday so keep praying for her!

Ann (she is the one who had her recipe in the cookbook) 

Then ANN. When we first met with Ann she said “I’m just here to be your second mom but you aren’t going to convert me or anything!”

Then this week we met with her and oh my.

So cool. So she has been reading the Book of Mormon and she is already in 2 Nephi! We were like ANN!!!! You are awesome.

Then she goes further to explain, I’m kind of new to this whole religion thing, so I don’t know how to explain this, but when I read the Book of Mormon this fuzzy feeling just washes over me, it feels so warm and I can’t stop thinking about it throughout my day.

Our jaws just dropped.

We explained how that feeling is the Spirit testifying of truth. Now she is praying about being baptized. Her daughter is a member and has been waiting for years and years for this day. Never before has Ann even let missionaries in because there have mostly been elders in this area so even just us being there was huge to her daughter. Ann apparently called her daughter after we left and told her she is considering baptism and in the background her little grandson goes “Grandma I will crawl to your baptism if I have to! I will be there!”

I am so excited for their family. Ann just has word of wisdom concerns but we haven’t even really started teaching her because the other times we met with her was when we first met on the street and then when she had us over for dinner and told us not to waste our time trying to convert her.

There is so much power in the Book of Mormon. We are teaching her tonight and she came to church yesterday! She is awesome.


Oh my so another miracle. We went to see a less active member this last week, a man answers the door and says Sister Hilliard doesn’t live there anymore so then we started talking with him. He said he would love to have us over so we invited him to church and scheduled a lesson with him for last night. PS HE CAME TO CHURCH.  

Then last night when we walk in he has this wonderful family, a bunch of little boys and one girl and then his wife is so sweet. She has been healing from a surgery since she has cancer and is in a lot of pain.

Andrew said that the hour before we met him the Jehovah’s came over and that they scheduled a lesson with him the hour before our lesson on Sunday haha. 

But as we explained the restoration to him he said “Wow this is magnificent.” When we talked about how God loves us He asked about how God has shown love to His family, because times have been hard lately and we said “He is sending us to you because He wants you to have this, because He loves you”. This opened their eyes a little. 

Then at the end of our lesson Andrew says “Thank you so much, I have met with other preachers of different churches or other missionaries from other churches but I am very pleased right now. You could answer all of my questions, and I want you to know you are inspired missionaries. You can tell that you are sincere and believe the things that you teach, and this I have not seen before.” He prayed for us at the end, asking for guardian angels to be near us on our way home and many more other specific blessings-they are wonderful.

He will be out of town until next Tuesday so we are meeting with them all then. But it was incredible to see the hope that filled their home as we explained to them what God has done for them to show His love. His wife was sleepy at the beginning because of her pain medication, but listening intently once we started teaching-she was clinging on to the hope that the message of the restoration has for her personally.

Marla (okay this is the best one)

So today. We go to get our car washed and things take longer than normal so we got to the grocery store around a different time than usual. We are just going through each isle and then a woman looks down at the Book of Mormons in our cart

“The Book of Mormon?!!”

She goes “Sisters! Could you tell me more about that book?”

At this point I thought okay funny joke who are you the relief society president.

Then she further explains that a week ago in this grocery store a woman gave her a Book of Mormon and she has been reading it, then she starts crying saying “Wow this is such a blessing from God to see you here.”

She asked about our church times and what we do as missionaries and explained that she has been searching for the truth and this means so much to her that we are here right now.

You can just imagine us speechless missionaries.

We explained what we do as missionaries and asked when the soonest is that we can come by.

She told us Tuesday so we ask for her address and she literally says our exact address I am like NO WAY. WE LIVE IN THAT COMPLEX. At this point she runs down the isle we were at back and forth saying “NO WAY!” (She’s the cutest black woman ever). She starts crying again and just hugging us and thanking God.

Oh my goodness I still can’t believe that just happened WHAT IS LIFE

We gave her a restoration pamphlet and got all of her info.

We silently smiled all the way home and occasionally we would be like “what just happened?”. We made sure to say a prayer of thanks. We have been asking Heavenly Father to lead us to those who are prepared, He really is. The car wash taking forever and all of the other factors that played into our day were perfectly timed by Him. He knows His children, He knows who is ready to receive this gospel, all we need to do is ask Him to lead us to them, then open our mouths.

It is just amazing to be a part of this. I cannot imagine and do not want to imagine the day when I have to take off this name tag. 



 Pictured:   Us with Roland, he was baptized a year ago and is 94! He has lived an

incredible life, been through about every war you can think of. Best

human ever and still kickin it.

Oh man I love you all and family, I’m excited to see you in less than a month!

Sister Taryn Peterson






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