I love the Dixon’s 7/11/16

Okay. We met the Dixon family on Wednesday. Most wonderful, loving

people. I have never been so accepting of change before. I love the

Van Cotts and I love the Dixon’s. The Dixon’s are exactly what we need

in this mission at this time. President and Sister Dixon are so smiley

and loving. I know he is meant to be my mission president at this

time. Everyone absolutely loves them.

One thing that really stood out to me… He said that as he sat down

with Elder Eyring, he told him that throughout his life he has been

prepared to be the mission President for this mission and these

missionaries. God has been preparing this area for him and his family

and for each missionary. God has also been preparing each missionary

through experiences in their lives for their exact areas and

companions and to work alongside him as the mission president. He told

him that when he enters the mission, he will notice a great unity

between him and the missionaries, one that we have all been prepared

for even in the pre-earth life.

We can all just feel it. It’s amazing. Great things are about to happen.

Speaking of great things: the Spirit.

Yesterday I was receiving a prompting all day and I didn’t know what

it was for. It was a warning, it was so distinct and I knew it was

from the Spirit. I finally started to pray and ask what this could be

for. My mind was directed to the thought of a car. I thought, okay I

will drive more carefully… but the feeling didn’t leave. I continued

to pray throughout the day and the same thought kept coming to my

mind: it was an image of us driving with a member to our dinner we had

later that evening. I thought, what could be wrong with going with

this member to dinner? In fact, I really wanted to drive with her, she

is one of my favorite people.

I finally voiced to Sister Gull the thoughts I had right before

dinner. We decided to pray together. Immediately as I asked in the

prayer if this warning correlated with driving with this member, I

felt the most assurance that this was exactly what Heavenly Father was

warning me for.

Even though Sister Gull wanted to ride with the member to dinner,

after the prayer I asked her what she felt and she said, “We aren’t

going with her.”

It was made so clear to us both. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father

protects us by the warnings from the Spirit. Who knows what would have

happened, but He is looking out for us.

Yesterday, we also had the impression to go talk to this man sitting

on the steps of some facility. Don’t freak out, but it usually isn’t

the safest area to be, in fact we really don’t go there but we felt so

strongly we needed to talk to this man. He is at the lowest point in

his life and sincerely wants change. He is so hopeless. He said he

believes in Christ and wants to do what it takes to come closer to

Him. We invited him to church and gave him all of the pamphlets and a

Book of Mormon then promised him he would feel God’s love for him as

he comes to church.

He looked up at us and said “I sure hope so” in the most genuine way.

Heavenly Father wanted us to be there so His son could feel the hope

that he needed.

When we meet with him we will meet at the church with members but his

name is Reuben. I will keep you all posted.

Temple tours this week were really cool. The cutest family from our

Ward came with their cute little kids and towards the end the kids

told us they learned to sing “I Love to See The Temple” with sign

language in church that week. We asked if they could show us while we

all sang it and it was so powerful to hear their little voices singing

that song on the temple grounds.

There are these swirly symbols on the temple they pointed out earlier

and when they signed for “feel the Holy Spirit” they said “Hey! The

Spirit sign is like the symbol on the temple!” And it totally was.

Super cool. Kids are so in tune to things.

Also, a man named Brother Graham came from Palm Desert, he’s a convert

and it was his first time seeing the Redlands temple and he’s lived in

CA his whole life. He will be getting sealed to his wife in that same

temple and we got to show him around for his first time!

Oh yeah not so great news: Michael texted us today and told us he

doesn’t want to continue learning about the church. Satan is working

hard on him, but I am way too familiar with this situation when people

are nearing baptism! There is still hope, hopefully we can meet with

him soon and see what his concerns are.

One more thing. during a lesson this week, a member that knew the

woman we were teaching told us right before the lesson that the person

we were teaching (for the first time) told her she was only interested

in the church for the welfare. She has been meeting with missionaries

for forever in the past and we decided to give it another try, not

knowing she had the wrong intentions.

At this point I went in thinking to be bold. We asked a lot of

questions to try and find her true intent and I was a little

frustrated going into things.

Towards the end I had the impression to “Tell her how much I love

her”. It hit me hard. Out of all of the things I wanted to say to her

to question her intent, Heavenly Father wanted us to tell her how much

He loves her.

Even though there are many people in this world that might not have

the same intentions, morals or desires that we have, they are all His

children and He loves them. He wanted His daughter to know He loved

her despite everything else.

He is so merciful and really does love each of us indescribably.

Everyone around us at one point chose His plan. They are all our

brothers and sisters who at one point had that desire to follow Him.

I can’t let myself forget it.

I love Brynn’s wedding announcement and I love the beach videos and

pictures. I don’t love how old Grant looks. He really does look 17.

Not okay.

Have a great week, I am always praying for you fam. Love you!

Oh so the videos: ones of a dog that reminds me of Sadie. Another, us

on the 4th. We had to go in at 6 to read the BOM but it was actually a

super good experience then the fireworks came on just after nightly

planning hahaha.  We are all so weird.

The other one is of the most genius invention ever-I thought of you

dad. No more having to dip your corn in a fresh stick of butter.

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