I love being on a mission 6/27/16

WELL this will be brief but this week has been hot!!! I don’t know why

but I feel like I am not used to this heat. Maybe it’s because I can’t

go swimming but I have been melting. Thankful for water and AC though.

But this week we were able to have a family night with the Ward

missionaries and those they invited and our investigator Karen came!

It was great. We are hopefully teaching her tonight.

Also, a former investigator named Lata called us out of the blue and

said she would like to start bible study again. The elders must have

taught her. We were able to meet her and she says she loves God and

the bible and disagrees with the beliefs she has grown up in. She has

a sincere desire to learn more about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ

so we’re excited to keep teaching her!

We had another lesson with Michael and he is now planning on baptism

July 16th so keep him in your prayers!

One cool thing, we felt we needed to see this former investigator

named Shannon. We went to her home and the woman that answered said

she had moved about a year ago. We got talking with the woman there

and she started to explain how her son, who was living with her, had

recently passed away in April. She was wondering if there really is

life after death and how we have come to be so sure.

We talked a little about the Plan of Salvation and it was very

comforting to her. This has been so hard on her but Heavenly Father

really is a master planner. He placed us where we needed to be because

he has heard her cries. She said just that morning she was crying to

him asking him “why”.

We had the chance to open her eyes to the bigger picture of life. The

fact that death is just a part of life and we have another testament

of Jesus Christ to add a second witness that Jesus Christ did all of

this for us so that one day we can live with our Father in Heaven

again. There is so much more than just this earth life! We’re excited

to keep teaching her. Her name is Maryanne and she knows tons of

members as well.

It has been a good week I honestly don’t know where it went. Sister

Gull and I have been able to work a lot better with each other and

communicate better. Things are looking good.

I love being on a mission. Last night I had a dream that I had to take

my name tag off and I started crying (in the dream of course).

It was a good wake up call, time is flying and I need to remember

everyday what a privilege this is to have 18 months of my life that I

can completely give to Him.


We got to help set up chairs at this giant mansion place for an

activity going on. Hence, our zone in front of the giant mansion.

There were fires all around us so there was ash on our car and the sky

looked cool.

Andddd there’s a picture from Alexis’s baptism I haven’t sent yet AND

a good quote.

Oh and Sister Reil got sent back to Mill Creek Ward! So I got to see

her she’s the funniest. There’s also some pictures of us and Renie at

the temple on my camera so hopefully I will get to send those today.

Okay I love you all.

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