Happy 4th of July!!! 7/4/16

This might be brief BUT I have learned a ton this week.

Mainly from being within sight and hearing of someone 24/7 for 4

transfers. It’s the strangest thing how much you clearly see your

weaknesses on your mission.

Before the mission, if someone is bugging you, you can ignore their

text or not hangout with them that day. On the mission, you need to

address the problem, you need to change your outlook to be more

understanding etc. so I have been humbled time and time again.

Honestly, I have learned so much from my companion. Our relationship

continues to improve it’s so great. Satan works on companionships like

no other, it is such a parallel to how he works on families so this

gives me some experience for the future.

But! The day after President Dixon arrived, we got a call right before

bedtime from him. The day before this call, we had watched some of the

videos of him on “my plan” so it legit felt like I was talking to a

missionary celebrity.

I answered way too excitedly and let me tell you he is the sweetest,

most loving human being ever. He asked who he was speaking to and then

he says “Sister Peterson, I am so excited to meet you.” Then he asks

where I was from, then he goes “Oh so you are used to this weather


I know he is called of God for this mission at this time. He called

for our roommate and told her roommate how he felt impressed that she

needed to go to a certain area for an “emergency transfer”. We were

all huddled around the speaker phone as he was talking about how

strongly he felt this needed to happen. Somehow we felt the Spirit so

strongly even over the phone. HE IS MEANT TO BE HERE. Ah I am so

excited to meet him Wednesday.

Another cool thing, we asked Ann if she would like to fast with us

that her son will be open to being baptized and she said yes. Then at

church she says not only am I fasting for that, but I am fasting that

I can live the word of wisdom. Ah. My heart. I just looked at her then

gave her a big hug.

Another thing, we felt like stopping by Renie’s and she said it was so

strange we stopped by when she just started feeling kind of depressed.

We were able to talk about the importance of reading the Book of

Mormon daily and really studying it. Since she has been baptized, she

got a new job that stresses her out so she has been listening to the

Book of Mormon here and there in the car but she said she did notice a

big difference when she used to read it without distractions.

She has now started reading from the beginning for at least 10 minutes

every day and there already is a huge change in her, she is so much

less stressed and she said she notices it as well. She says she really

is starting to understand and love it. SO MUCH POWER IN THAT BOOK.

Hope you have a wonderful week full of sand and happiness. Happy 4th,

watch some fireworks for me. We will be in at 6:00 reading the Book of

Mormon hahah I’m not kidding but I’m excited what’s gotten into me.


Sister Gull got food poisoning this week so I deep cleaned the house.

This week we knocked on a mans door, he walks up to the door and yells

“who is it!?” We said “the sister missionaries!” Then after a pause he

goes, “I can’t come to the door right now.”


The palm tree picture is in honor of beach week. I am so close yet so

far. I love you all, swim in the ocean for me. Thank you for the best

videos ever.

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