CONGRATULATIONS TO BLAKE AND BRYNN!!! Hallelujah, finally!!!! That’s so sweet of you to wait until March to get married so I can be there ❤ 

Hehe just kidding but I will be there in spirit. 

Okay not going to lie it was kind of a hard week.

I guess that’s how things go though after such a great week life is a roller coaster!!!!

Basically, my companion is great but the mission has been hard for her. She isn’t a fan of talking to people and never wanted to serve a mission but felt she needed to go so it has been hard on me to help her to just love the mission and love these people. We are pretty opposite.  

Basically it’s just hard to help people see what they have sometimes like the mission is such a privilege but she hasn’t been out too long so that realization will come. 

She is great, don’t get me wrong, but this week it all kind of just came tumbling down on her. 

Part of me can’t help but feel like its my fault, I need to show her that she is so needed here so I have had some humbling moments for sure. 

But we had interviews with President this week which was perfect timing and ever since then she has been doing a lottttt better. 

I am learning a ton from being with a companion 24/7. Like I can’t imagine getting married before my mission, my husband would have not been too fond of me. Your weaknesses really show when you are out here so it’s been helpful for me to see my impatient, short-tempered self and be able to improve.  


So anyways there was another day where we had 5 appointments (which is a good missionary day) and literally all of them ended up canceling. 

It was somewhat not the most amazing week and then I remembered what an elder in my district said forever ago. 

He talked about these verses in 1 Nephi. He explained how Laman and Lemuel saw an angel. What a miraculous experience that would have been, the angel reassured them that there would be a way prepared for them as they go up to Jerusalem again. Then 2 verses later they continue murmuring, thinking that it can’t be possible to do such a thing:

 29 And it came to pass as they smote us with a rod, behold, an angel of the Lord came and stood before them, and he spake unto them, saying: Why do ye smite your younger brother with a rod? Know ye not that the Lord hath chosen him to be a ruler over you, and this because of your iniquities? Behold ye shall go up to Jerusalem again, and the Lord will deliver Laban into your hands.

 30 And after the angel had spoken unto us, he departed.

 31 And after the angel had departed, Laman and Lemuel again began to murmur, saying: How is it possible that the Lord will deliver Laban into our hands? Behold, he is a mighty man, and he can command fifty, yea, even he can slay fifty; then why not us?

This elder then talked about how this can be us. We have some amazing miraculous experience and then not even a week later, when something goes wrong we think WHY ME.

So I have made a more conscious effort to be grateful for the good things that have happened and will happen and to point them out to Sister Gull as well. If we could always look back and acknowledge the times that we have recognized Heavenly Father’s hand in our lives and look forward with hope, we wouldn’t be so upset when bad things happen. 

So we have still been able to see plenty of people this week though and it really has been good, just, want it to be good for both me and Sister Gull YA KNOW. But we were able to meet with Becky, her 19 year old son just committed suicide. Brother Davison gave her a priesthood blessing. It was definitely a powerful moment and made me so grateful that the priesthood has been restored. Becky is amazing she has been so strong. 

This gospel has so much to offer, everything we teach-the priesthood, the Book of Mormon, commandments, Christ’s church being restored, Jesus Christ Himself-you name it-is all evidence of Heavenly Father’s love for us. 

It’s the best message anyone can choose to listen to. 

Life is good even when hard things happen, we have so much to be hopeful and grateful for its true people. 

I love you all! Keep me updated if anyone else in this family gets engaged or somethin

Side note:

Apparently I talk in my sleep. 

Sister Gull said I said this in my sleep to her

“HEY. We’re gonna make some calls. Anyone who comes to mind should be good.”

Hahahaa she said it woke her up then she made sure to write it down before she went back to bed so she could remember. 

So anyways this is a lame email but look the Davison’s (the cutest Ward missionary couple) got a husky/German shepherd mix. I am so in love. LOOK AT HIM. 

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