?????? and?? 6/13/16

So there were a few experiences this week that confirmed how powerful

and real the priesthood is to me.

First, on Tuesday I had about had it with this virus. Nothing I ate

stayed in me. I lost 8 pounds and felt weak and dizzy. I knew I needed

a priesthood blessing, and the thought kept coming to me to get one so

we finally texted the elders and they came immediately.

In the blessing, I was promised I would be healed according to my

faith. Now this has never quite happened like this to me before, but

immediately after, I had no more nausea and I felt energy. I felt so

much peace. Ever since that blessing I have been perfectly normal. I

have gotten to eat food again and have my appetite back. Now I weigh

what I did when I started the mission so that’s convenient. But it was

incredible I was bawling throughout and all the way home. I was

completely healed.

Second… Maria has been meeting with missionaries for a while and has

been having a hard time coming to church because of her health. She


has been having a hard time giving up tea. We asked her if she would

want to have a priesthood blessing to help her with her sickness. She

said yes and then received one a few days later. In the blessing she

had many promises given to her that as she listened to the

missionaries (THATS US) and applied what we teach her she would feel


After the blessing we talked with her about how she felt. She said she

felt so much power from the blessing. She then walked over to her

kitchen and decided to go through all the tea that she had and trash

all the non-herbal tea because of the promises given in the blessing

she received! We just stood in awe as she started throwing it all in

the trash saying “I don’t need any of this.”

She changed her mindset. She seemed to be determined but life has

gotten a hold of her again and she started drinking tea again.

However it was such a manifestation at that moment in time that the

power of the priesthood is so real. I feel so much love from Heavenly

Father just from seeing its effects. If He is so loving, why would He

not restore the priesthood to the earth? It just makes sense and I

have seen its effects in my life and the lives of others to the point

where I cannot deny that it is on the earth once more.

So also I have barely even talked about her because we have barely

needed to teach her but Alexis McClain got baptized on Saturday! Ever

since she was young she has been wanting to be baptized. She comes

every Sunday, has given multiple talks and was even the laurel

president etc. She wasn’t able to get permission from her dad however

so she had to wait until she was 18. It was such an amazing baptism,

we had to make it in the chapel because so many people came. She is

awesome I love her.

Some other things,

We had a lesson with Ruby May and right after the opening prayer,

tears started to fill her eyes. She then continued to say that she

asked her dad if she could be baptized on the 18th and he told her no.

He said he wants her to be sure of her decision and look into it a

little bit more. He wants her to talk to this man that was once Mormon

and has now joined his church.

As soon as I heard this my heart kind of dropped a little. My mind

went back to high school when anti-Mormon literature was going around.

I remember I started to read it, before even realizing it was

anti-Mormon. Part of me was curious so I kept reading then I felt the

Spirit leave me immediately. I felt horrible and so I told myself to

never look at it again. I knew that what I was reading was not from


I told Ruby May to never deny or forget the feelings she has felt at

church and while reading the Book of Mormon. I told her there is a ton

of anti-Mormon literature out there, so be careful. The most important

thing is to pay attention to the way you feel if someone tries to tell

you what how they feel about our church. The fruits of the Spirit are

peace, joy etc. and if you don’t feel that way STOP LISTENING.

She says she will never be able to deny the feelings she has felt and

so we will all continue praying she can get permission soon.

And better yet, she is so excited to SERVE A MISSION. Ah my heart. I

told her one day she will be sitting across from a girl in the

position she is in now, she will be able to say I have gone through

what you’re going through, be patient it will all work out.

So keep Ruby May in your prayers!

At Zone Meeting this week, the Van Cotts came to say their final

goodbyes. So crazy.

As President Van Cott was speaking, all of the sudden I saw him as

just a normal father, not a mission president. I don’t even know how

to explain it, but he talked a lot about making sure we don’t treat

President Dixon as just a substitute. This glimpse of President Van

Cott as just a normal human being helped me feel so right about

President Dixon. President Dixon was set apart this week by Jeffrey R.

Holland (Psh I can’t even imagine).

I know he is meant to be at this mission at this time and is called of

God. I love the Van Cotts but I’m so excited to meet the Dixon’s and

their incredible family.

One more thing, we went golfing with Jean today at the Redlands

Country Club! Best thing ever. I miss top golf and I am incredibly

rusty, however, it was good to golf with her before she leaves us for

Park City until October! She has finally said that she knows she wants

to be baptized. But she leaves this week. So she might just come down

for her baptism sometime. Stay tuned.

I love you all and I just know with all my heart that this is the

Lord’s work. Somehow we all are lucky enough to be a part of it,

whether we are full-time missionaries or not, He gives us all the

opportunities to help Him in His harvest of souls and it is the

happiest thing we could ever choose to do.

The wonderful Alexis McClain!

Jean snapped some sly pictures of me.

Me rescuing the ball. Not actually my golf stance. Do not be fooled.

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