Almost half way??? 5/6/16

Okay so a little update on some people:


Basically she knew she wanted to be baptized but didn’t want to have a

set date. So we have just continued teaching her and she reads and

prays and this Sunday was her 3rd at church!

Then yesterday all of a sudden she turns to me at church and says “I

think I have decided.” I’m like “on what?” She’s like “Oh come on,

take a wild guess!” And I was like “NO WAY…..” Then she says “Yes. I

think I’m ready.”

Ann is wanting to be baptized asappp. So as soon as we get through the

lessons and she lives the teachings then she is set.

It’s super cool to see the difference in her progress since she has

been reading, praying and attending church as opposed to those who

only read occasionally. She said she hasn’t even told her lds daughter

and son-in-law yet!

Then as I go to take my seat she says “Stop smiling you’ll give it

away!!!” She’s so cute I love her.

I was like yeah k let me just try to control my smile right okay

So that was exciting news.

Andrew and Baselin:

We go to their house and Andrew is packing up his stuff. Turns out

they are separating. It was a huge surprise. He is leaving and Baselin

and the 3 kids are staying. Kind of broke my heart a little. But we

are still trying to teach Baselin and her kids amid Baselin’s cancer

treatments. The Ward just loves this family and they haven’t even all

come to church yet! People have been visiting them with dinners and

everything, it’s been awesome.

Missionary fail: we texted Baselin a reminder for church and no reply

so we just hoped she would come. Then a half hour before church she

texted us saying they would like to come but needed a ride. We didn’t

check our phone up until after church so we were super bummed BUT at

least her and her kids wanted to go, even without Andrew-that was a

big step for them! Next Sunday for sure.

Maddie Chung-

Cutest, sweetest 17 year old I’ve ever met. LOVES everything we’ve

taught and is so excited to be baptized.

We showed her the font when we had a lesson at the church this week

and she was like “Ah that’s so awesome I’m so excited!” She is

seriously the most positive person I’ve ever met and feels that what

we have taught her is the truth she’s been seeking for.

She’s super smart too and has such a strong relationship with God.

Only hard thing is meeting with her since she has 5 AP classes and

getting her to church because things keep coming up but she really

wants to come!

She says she is for sure coming this Sunday with her friend Sadie so

that will be good. Teenagers and their busy schedules what can ya do.

We had a Ward fiesta this week and tons of non-members came! We also

did 7 hours of community service which is closer to how many we should

be doing. We helped set up for a Gala for a company then picked up

some sticks at prospect park for the Redlands community day of

service. Got to meet some super sweet people and serve alongside

Sister Fife from the MTC!

One of the highlights: We had a dinner with some of the greatest old

people in our Ward. A few different couples got together. The

conversations consisted mainly of how to work their phones. One woman,

who I just love, said that getting apps installed on her phone is too

much of a hassle so she goes to the sprint store and they just do it

for her!

I love old people.


We got to go through the temple with Zenah this week!

It was incredible. Seriously incredible.

We sat in the waiting room for a little and she leans over and says

“you can feel such a peace.”

I was like “yeah and this is just the waiting room!”

Then we got to watch her do baptisms for the dead. She did about 7

names then they asked “should we keep going or is that enough?”

She smiles and says “please keep going!”

Then afterwards she said “I never wanted to stop!!! There was such a

power from being baptized for these people-it was so real.”

She walks out of the temple and looks back and says “Wow. I feel so at

peace, when can I go back?”

Oh the best day ever.

Basically I just want this experience for everyone. I want everyone to

choose to go through the temple because it really is the House of the

Lord here on earth. Watching Zenah just overwhelmed me with so much

gratitude for my mission. Heavenly Father lets us be a part of such a

wonderful thing. It reminded me why I am out here away from my family

and friends for 18 months. Those little moments make everything worth

it. There is just nothing better and everyone can be a part of the

Lord’s work, whether on a full-time mission or not.

It’s simple. Just pray to know how to help others each day, share the

truths that you know and love and listen to the promptings of the


Have a great week. SEE YOU SUNDAY!!!!!

Ahhhh so stoked I love you guys.

A dog followed us that looked just like a homeless Brighton.

My heart broke a little. On missions we are here to save humans not dogs.

Then there was another dog just chillin in a house that wouldn’t open

their door. Enjoy.

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