Literally I am knocking on doors offering people happiness 4/11/16

WOW OKAY? What a great week.

Okay so we had dinner with Renie and Ruby May this week and it was so

great because we finally got to meet Ruby May! Apparently she liked

having dinner with us so we were so happy!

It gets better OKAY SO Renie’s baptism was so great. We had all of the

youth sing “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” since we knew her kids Ruby

May and Walker would be coming. Walker ended up not being there but

Ruby May came!

Renie was in tears as they were all singing and after the baptism

Renie told us that Ruby May said “That was really emotional for me too

mom”. Renie helped her to recognize that was the Spirit that made her

so emotional.

Then… MIRACLES…. We had stake conference on Sunday and guess who

came to church? Ruby May. THAT IS A MIRACLE. Then she even went to the

youth meeting after church with Elder Pimentel from the quorum of the


NOT ONLY DID SHE COME but after church Renie texted us saying you will

not believe it but Ruby May got in the car and started crying and says

she wants to be baptized!!!! She says she feels something so different

at this church.

HAHAHAHAHAH WHAT? Is this real life. So we are teaching her Thursday

if we can get permission from her dad. So pray that we can!

Renie is so excited and says the Lord has been answering her prayers,

she says she honestly cannot believe that Ruby May even came to

church. She also says that her relationship with Ruby May has been

better than ever. She just started her new job today and she says that

everything has just been falling into place lately. Ah she is so so

happy. All the time.

So that was cool. Also, Sadie the Ward mission leader’s daughter said

that her friend told her she was searching for truth. Hahahahahah what

okay um yeah that doesn’t happen so then Sadie was like listen I know

some missionaries that can teach you some truth so we had a lesson

with her friend Maddie on Wednesday and she told Sadie she feels so

good about things and is excited to meet with us again!

She is reading the Book of Mormon and is sooo prepared for the gospel.

We are aiming for May 7th for her to be baptized and she says if she

comes to find out this is all true then that’s exactly what she wants

to do.

It has been a really great week. We volunteered at the Redlands Bike

Classic so I’ll be sure to send some pictures of that. And Renie’s

other daughter and cousins and neighbors came to the baptism as well

so that was way cool. Also mom Renie made frog eyed salad for us, I

just about had a heart attack I was like IS THAT FROG EYED SALAD?

She’s like how do you know what this is? I’m like MY MOTHER. So she

gave us the leftovers. Pictures and video of me opening frog eyed

saladincluded. Also here’s Zenah’s pictures from last week. Zenah went

to Renie’s baptism, the adult session of stake conference Saturday

night, the 8:00 am special message with Elder Pimentel AND stake

conference at 10 am. Sheesh she’s amazing.

I have never been so grateful for this gospel. I have never been so

happy. Everyone of us can feel this way if we LIVE what we KNOW and


I have been rejected about a trillion times and waited outside of many

many closed doors that never opened. It’s not offensive to me, but

just sad that people are missing out on real happiness. Jesus Christ

leads His church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we

stand with Him as His followers. We have absolutely nothing to be

ashamed of.

Have a great week I love you all.

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