A Good Week, what can I say 3/7/16

Well it was a good week what can I say.

We went to the temple so>

Best experience I have had so far in the temple. Man I can’t wait to go


Also…. Renee is getting baptized April 9! Oh my gosh Renee is the

cutest mom ever. She had us over for dinner the other day and keeps

giving us oranges and eggs from her chickens. Like who is that nice?

Renee. Renee is that nice.

We want to start teaching her son and daughter as well.

As soon as we have put her on date though the opposition has been

ridiculous. Her daughter has been approached by people with

anti-mormon questions and then she asks Renee. Then Renee comes to us

with them.

It has made me so grateful that I have gone through similar

situations. In high school, I remember asking mom and dad about these

different questions I would be approached with that I didn’t know how

to answer. I would try to reply with detailed explanations getting

deep into the doctrine and after a lot of prayer and studying I

realized something.

None of this was shaking or even relevant to my testimony, so why

would that be relevant to someone else’s?

It is the best to be able to tell Renee that all she needs to do is

turn to her Heavenly Father and continue reading then just ask HIM. He

is the source of truth.

He will not leave us confused, the world will.

I may not know how to answer every question to this day but this I do know:

This is Christ’s church on the earth today. I will never be able to

deny this due to the way I have seen people’s lives and hearts change

because of it.

The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know this because the Holy

Ghost continues to testify to me and those that read and pray that it

is true.

It all hinders on that, so don’t pay attention to what you don’t know,

just remember what you do know then continue to build upon that.

That’s all that really matters!

Renee has continued reading and praying and she keeps telling her

daughter to ignore what she hears because so far she has only seen

good come from the church and the people in it. It is the coolest

because Renee keeps describing how she has been to many different

churches but never felt so good at them until this one. She says that

there is something different and she knows that this is the right


Also! The elders had a baptism on Saturday and we got Renee, Zenah and

then two other investigators we have never been able to get a hold of

to come! Joe and his girlfriend Kelly.

Joe actually ended up texting us at about 3:30 saying “this is random

but can we have a lesson at the chapel at 4:00?” We quickly called

back and said “we are actually going to the chapel at 4:00 to see a

baptism, would you like to come?”

Super cool and now we are meeting with them this week for a lesson.

We have met a lot of less actives this week that we haven’t been able

to meet yet. We had a really powerful lesson with a less-active family

teaching them the restoration and then went around and told how we

know the Book of Mormon is true. The oldest son who is 21 told us that

he never had really read it. We testified of the power of the Book of

Mormon and they all committed to read at least 2 minutes a day. Such a

good feeling to be able to show these people the best thing that has

been right in front of them this whole time!

Funny story. We were looking for a woman referred to us so we go to

what we think is her door and we see a paper saying “cupcake store

open” on the door mat. We were like aw cute so we knock on the door

and the woman that answers was kind of shocked. She goes, “My girls

just made cupcakes and then said they wanted to sell them so they put

that sign on the doormat then you show up!” She called the girls over

and they were so excited. We bought cupcakes from them then found out

that the woman’s whole family is Mormon. She was super sweet but said

she’s not interested. However, what a funny coincidence that we came

as soon as their “cupcake store” opened. COME ON she’s gotta take that

as a sign or somethin.

But this week has been great. Have a good one. Keep praying for

opportunities to help people and just love them!

This is Katelyn and her dad at her baptism. She is so cute. I love her.

Oh the temple.

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