Valentines Weekend

Happy Late Valentines Day!

A few things from this week:

We got a text from the other ward’s Ward mission leader saying that a family they are working with went to the Cole family baptism and that sealed the deal! Now that family is getting baptized Saturday! That was way good to hear. 

We met a few people this week that we have been trying to see and the ward has been getting more involved! Investigators have been coming to dinners and family nights, the members here are so welcoming so it has been great!

Also, this week I got to go on an exchange with …… SISTER MARLER! My MTC companion. It was too good. 

We had stake conference yesterday and it was broadcasted from Salt Lake! Elder Hamula and Elder Renlund spoke the second half!

It’s crazy because I remember I used to be so impatient during stake conferences, like WE HAVE A WHOLE HOUR LEFT?!! And now they just fly by, way too short. 

Elder Renlund said something like “The best and most clear way to tell if we are coming closer to Christ is by the way we treat other people”

When he said that it made me really examine myself. I realized that I haven’t been expressing my love for my companions as I have to those I am working with. In fact, it has been more than easy to completely love those we are working with and be patient with them, but I have not been as patient with companions. It made me think of how it was back home. It seems to be easier to have less contention with friends than family. But it shouldn’t be that way!

So I just really want to make sure that I am being just as loving and patient with my companions as I am with those I am working with. 

Also. One thing that I have not been able to stop thinking about is what Elder Hamula said at our mission conference. 

He stressed the sacrament saying that it is “A sign of His (Heavenly Father’s) love and desire for us to come home”

With Valentine’s Day and all we talked a lot to people about how God shows us He loves us. The sacrament is the way that we can continue to access the atonement (possibly the greatest sign of His love) and be cleansed. It is the only ordinance performed for us more than once. It is a weekly thing, and how amazing is that? Heavenly Father gives us this opportunity weekly. That is such a sign of His love and desire for us to come home. 

Elder Hamula continued to say

“The Holy Ghost cleanses us and when you understand this you will crawl on your hands and knees to come to church each Sunday”

I have taken the sacrament for granted basically my whole life. It is such an amazing opportunity we have and if only we all could understand that as Elder Hamula was saying!

This week has been so great, so has this whole transfer! We find out about transfers tomorrow and President wrote there will be a lot of changes! 

I love my companions and this area but whatever happens is inspired I know that for sure now!

Ps we found this stray cute dog, and I am pretty sure that having to leave him there and not take him home was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do on my mission. 

Also the adorable cake was made by the Woodlands yesterday. They had us and the Cole family over for dinner so it was a great Valentine’s Day! 

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! Ask the missionaries in your ward if there is anyone they would like you to visit/bring treats to/have over for family night or dinner and they will LOVE YOU.  

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