A few things,

First off I would like to apologize for being the WORST EMAILER EVER.

If you are reading this and I haven’t emailed back don’t take it

personal, I read everyone’s emails but it’s hard to reply to even to

my family on Mondays but I love love love receiving such great emails

so I will try my best to reply soon.

But WOW what a week. (I feel like I say that a lot but I mean it)

So Tuesday we found out about transfers and Sister Woodruff stayed in

Mill Creek:/ then Sister Reil went to Bloomington. Sister Peterson

(that’s me) went to Prospect Park Ward in Redlands! Same stake as Mill

Creek, and meets at the same building.

Tough goodbyes, especially to Denise and her girls. Denise started

crying and then we all did. We are such girls.

Also IM WHITEWASHING this place, which means that both Sister Gull (my

new companion) and I are completely new to the area and everyone that

the previous elders were working with. Also, this is Sister Gull’s

second transfer out so I’m follow-up training! She is from Tennessee

and is 19 years old. Fresh out of high school. We got here Wednesday

and this Ward hasn’t had sisters in a couple years so it is CRAZY. I

felt inadequate going into it and have been praying a ton so I needed

this change for sure. I have had to completely rely on Heavenly Father

(which is how it should be) so it has been the best thing ever.

Yes, we are now living in the elders old apartment and have had to

deep clean everything, but luckily the elders have kept some good

notes for us to be able to know the main people we should be seeing.

We are trying to figure our way around the area, but this Ward has


Oh and get this, Saturday night we get a call from the First Counselor

asking if we can talk Sunday because the speakers for sacrament

service were sick. Hahaha oh boy we had about 5 minutes that night to

think of what we would talk about before going to bed, then Ward

Council before 9:00 church so I literally was sitting on the stand

when the service started with 5 minutes of preparation. I was left

about 15-20 minutes to speak but it was weird because I really was the

most calm I have ever been before a talk. I prayed that the Spirit

would guide my thoughts and the topic was missionary work so I was

like perfect, I’m a missionary.

It was definitely the most sincere and heart-felt talk I had ever

given because I had no notes or anything but towards the end I started

to get a little teary eyed. I looked out at the Ward and it looked

similar to my Ward back home, I pictured my homecoming talk and

realized that I only have one year left. I was like wait no mission

come back!!!! I just felt overwhelmed with gratitude for my mission

and was again reminded it is FLYING BY. I can’t imagine my life

without my mission.

In the hallways after church guess who I saw… Denise and her girls.

Oh man the biggest hugs were given and then Denise started crying

again DANGIT and I was again reminded of how much I love the people I

meet out here and how I will be sure to see them long after the


The work here is incredible. So many great investigators and members.

Two days after getting here we found Zenah. The most prepared person I

have ever met. She read the Book of Mormon when she was 8 and has

known it is true. She is now in her 40s/50s, she is like a bible

scholar and everything we teach her just rings true. We taught her the

restoration yesterday and after every point she was just like “This

makes so much sense.”

It is the coolest thing to see the Spirit working with her. She wants

to be baptized and we asked if March 26th would work. She says she

will pray about it, but I know she will be completely prepared if she

keeps being SO AMAZING.

We have met with most of the auxiliaries to get to know the Ward and

the people we should be focusing on. The bishop and Ward mission

leader are so on top of things it is incredible.

The bishop emphasized that the members need to be praying to be led to

those who are prepared and thats what I emphasized in my talk as well.

I feel like this Ward is really starting to get excited about just

going out and LOVING PEOPLE and Bishop and all of Ward council have

promised us that he personally will pray to be led to those who are

prepared and start having missionary lessons in his home again with


Incredible that’s all I can say.

Missionary work is really just love. And as followers of Jesus Christ,

as His disciples, we have the opportunity and responsibility to love

one another.

Heavenly Father hears the prayers of His children. He hears His

children that are asking for help, direction and guidance.

And he hears His children that are asking who it is that needs help,

direction and guidance.

He will let you know if you ask him, and He will lead you to His

children that are prepared for the restored gospel. He knows them and

loves them and it is our responsibility and privilege to reach out to

them and just show them love. It is all just about loving people!!!!

On that note, I love you all. Have a great great week and get out

there and just love people okay.

Also, we are rooming with the Hermanas!

Sister Hull is the one with the dark hair. Ps.

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