We Need to Act

Denise and her 3 daughters will offically be baptized THIS SATURDAY. All of them. I cannot begin to even explain the difference in all of these girls that the gospel has made for them. Thank you for praying for them. It has been a miracle and it will be such a special baptism. 

Also, Blu got her answer that this is the right path for her and will be baptized February 27th! So exciting I love that woman.

One thing I have been thinking about a lot, it is a very common thing to hear “the gospel has blessed me”, or “I am so grateful for the gospel”. First off, simply put, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is Heavenly Father’s plan for the happiness and salvation of His children (for us). But what is it about this that blesses us? 

The thing that is so obvious but so easily forgotten is that the gospel is only going to bless us if we use it. We need to ACT.

As missionaries, we let people know what they can DO to come closer to Christ. They will not benefit from our message, unless they do something about it. That is that. Every change I have seen in people on my mission is not from us just teaching them every week and helping them feel the Spirit while we are there, but from them ACTING when we are not there, based on our invitations and the promptings they have received from the Spirit.

For example, as I was saying last week, Christy Wilson has really seen the blessings from acting. She has continued reading and praying and now this week she wrote a Facebook status about how “LDS” has helped her family relationships and helped her to know God. She had me read it out loud and as I did so she started getting all ready eyed. It’s the best thing ever. It has been just incredible to see the difference in her. This last lesson I asked her what her relationship with Heavenly Father is now (she used to be completely angry at God) and she goes “We are just getting to know each other” with tears in her eyes. AND SHE IS NOT A SOFTY. So it is the coolest thing to see how the Spirit is working with her, because she is ACTING.

THEN DENISE. The difference in her is dramatic. It just keeps getting better and better. Even her outer appearance. Yes we needed to teach her the Word of Wisdom and the things that God asks of us, but nothing would have come of it if she wouldn’t have acted.

It is not just listening to missionaries talk about the gospel that blesses these people, it is not just knowing that the Book of Mormon is true or that this is Christ’s church that blesses us, it is acting on the truth. It is looking at our beliefs and saying therefore what?

That is what makes us happy. Acting and changing. This is a part of repentance which is only possible because of Jesus Christ.

So for a super short letter this week I just encourage us all to look at our beliefs.

If we believe that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet, then what would our actions look like? We would trust in the decisions made and be eager to read his words.

If we believe that this is Christ’s church, then what would our actions look like? We would be eager to apply the principles taught, but also we would be telling just about everyone we could that this really is Christ’s church!

Acting on truth is what blesses us and helps us to gain that close relationship with our Savior and our Heavenly Father. 

This gospel has blessed me because I have used it. I use it every day. I need it just as much as anyone I am teaching. 

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