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So Monday, after we emailed we went to the store and I was backing out
the car and then I hear “Elder Sister!!! Elder Sister!!!”
I look behind me and there’s this man running towards me and so I
motion to Sister Woodruff to park the car so my companions could
protect me. The guy starts saying that he has been inactive for a long
time but has been starting to think he should come back to church.
He goes “Do you think I should go back to church?”
Well umm yes.
So that was cool. He’s in Smiley Ward so we gave the elders his number
and then like 3 hours later we get a text from him asking when the
elders will text him hahhaa he was eager it was super cool. We need to
follow up to see if he went to church but he said he recognized us
because we were backing out the car. He took seeing missionaries as a
sign that he needs to go! I forever will look at backing out the car
in a new light.

Other really super great things:
We had a missionary broadcast, that was broadcasted for missionaries
everywhere. It was just what we needed and definitely helped us to
change things and be better. After listening, I really felt the need
to testify of my Savior more.
I need to make sure He is in every point we teach. He is what makes
our message important and testifying of Him is what invites the
I also just felt overwhelmed with gratitude for my mission. This thing
is flying by its making me sad.

ALSO. One night we ran into this woman named Sheryl. Super sweet and
we started talking with her. She explained how her baby had passed
away. As she did so, the thought popped into my head “Moroni 8”
Now I don’t know scriptures very well but the Spirit has really helped
me to remember what I have studied in the times that I need to.
I turned to Moroni 8:8 and told her that this scripture is talking
about her baby. After reading it, I look up and she has tears in her
eyes. She says “You’re going to make me cry!”
We reassured her that her baby was whole and is in a good place.
Super powerful moment and she said she wanted to learn more. She is in
Yucaipa so she will meet with those sisters, so I hope things are
going well with that!

ALSO we went to Tina and Jami’s to share a message with them and they
have been low on money and food. As missionaries we can’t do much when
it comes to them getting food. They have been using the Bishops
storehouse but feel bad for doing that so it was hard to see them
trying to make food for themselves when we came over.
After we left we went to do service for an older lady. She is a
pastor’s wife and has come to love the missionaries. She ended up
giving us bags of food that she didn’t think she could use, thinking
that we would use them. It was so sweet.
It was such a tender mercy too because then we could go straight back
to Tina’s and Jami’s to give them the food!
They were so grateful and we assured them that Heavenly Father is
looking after them.

Technically they have been taught all the lessons but we have been
starting from the beginning now that the parents are listening just as
or more eagerly than their twin girls.
Christy is progressing A LOT. She has asked us to mark scriptures for
her to read in the Book of Mormon. THIS IS HUGE. She used to refuse to
pick up “that blue book” but now after reading the children’s Book of
Mormon with her girls and praying each night and after reading from
the real deal in our lessons, she has come to love the Book of Mormon.
Last night they told us their family relationships are improving, she
says this is the closest her and Mark have been for a long time. Oh
man, the gospel>. ALSO their daughter Trish has sat in on the lessons
the last two times, she draws during them but it’s a huge start
because before she would always refuse sitting in.
But best thing ever. Last night we overviewed temples. And told them
how they can be sealed as a family.
On their teaching record it shows they’ve been taught that before, but
it didn’t make sense to them until last night.
Christy and Mark just look at each other kind of in awe, and Christy
goes, “That would be cool.” Mark goes “Wow”
And they both agreed that is what they want for their family. One of
the coolest moments on my mission so far. The spirit was so present
and what a blessing it is that we can be sealed with our families


Thank you for praying for her. Your prayers are working.
This last Friday she had relapsed, so we set up a game plan. Everyday
we are seeing her at a certain time for 5-10 minutes. Praying with her
and sharing a scripture then letting her know she only needs to resist
it until that same time tomorrow.
Today we went over there with some gum, chocolate and a stress ball.
She says she needs to keep her mouth and hands busy, and we’re giving
up chocolate for her so we gave her some of our chocolate addiction to
replace her addiction. Because chocolate>
Since Friday, she hasn’t smoked since!!!! It has been so hard for her,
to just quite cold turkey but we know that Heavenly Father is
strengthening her and healing her. It is amazing to see.
She has said she has been so close to picking one up each day but she
hasn’t, so keep praying for her.
Her countenance has completely changed as well as her relationship
with her daughters. She is more loving and in tune with our lessons.
She can think more clearly and now job opportunities and places for
them to live are opening up. We know Heavenly Father is blessing her
for this sacrifice.

OH MAN HOW COULD I FORGET our last lesson with Denise and her
daughters I go “okay today we will be talking about missionary work!”
Since that’s something we teach, we were just going to mention being
good examples and inviting their friends to their baptism. And then
they all point to the oldest daughter Hannah and then she goes
“Yeah…I really want to serve a mission.”
So we were ecstatic and I know Karenza and Jade would be amazing
missionaries as well as Hannah.
Hannah is 15 so she has some time but she is so looking forward to it.
She’s like “when can I tell the bishop?”
Like hold up you aren’t even baptized yet you are amazing.

I love seeing the Lords hand every day through the lives of these people.

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