Good Week

Okay so first off I should probably update you for who’s on date for baptism.

Denise (mom), Hannah, Karenza and Jade:
I love them. They are living with a family in our ward and are on date
for February 6th. The girls in this ward have been soooo amazing and
welcoming to these sweet girls.
They have been soaking up the lessons and every lesson with them is
just the best. They love the feelings they have when we come or when
they go to church.
On Thursday we set up a game plan with Denise to help her quit
smoking. We emphasized the importance of daily prayer and scripture
study. We told her we would pray daily for her and she got a
priesthood blessing yesterday. We fasted for her yesterday as well.
And guess what? Since our lesson with her Thursday she has thrown out
everything that would tempt her and hasn’t smoked since! She says it’s
been hard but we can tell she has added strength due to her prayers
and the prayers of those who love her! We are so excited for them.

The Wilsons (Christy is an investigator, Mark is a member, and their
two daughters Sierra and Sienna are getting baptized on their 8th
birthday in April as well as Christy!)
We had a lesson with them this week and Christy was so into it. The
feeling in their home was so different. It was amazing. We have been
reminding them to pray and read every night and they have been! After
our lesson Christy said “You know what girls? I don’t have any
questions this time. You girls somehow have gotten to me.”
They have been investigating the church for a good year or so, but
they just now have finally started reading and praying, so we know
THAT’S what has gotten to them.

So much power in the Book of Mormon.

That’s everyone who is on date! Keep them in your prayers please!

But some really great things happened this week. We have a new
investigator named Blu! She is a Native American lady all for women’s
rights. So we had a lesson on the priesthood because she had a lot of
questions about that. It was the coolest thing because at first she
was so skeptical and after explaining the priesthood and the way our
church looks at women, she was stunned. Honestly, the blessings of the
priesthood are given to everyone, male and female. We just have
different roles in life, we’re different for a reason!
We read a quote from one of the 12 apostles talking about the creation
of women and it showed just how valued women are in the church. She
was like “A man wrote that?! Are you sure?”
I feel so respected as a woman in this church it’s not even funny.

So she’s super interested and the guy who referred her to us just told
us that she said she wants to be baptized! So that’s um really great
news. We will have a lesson with her Wednesday!

Also, we have been working with Melanie who’s a senior in high school.
She’s so cute and her and Alix (who’s in our ward) is her best friend.
Melanie wants to get baptized and knows she wants to be married in the
temple but is persistent on getting baptized once she’s out of her
home and at college, so we’re still working on that.
But coolest thing, we go over to teach her about temples and
everything and they have another friend there named Sabrina who was
hanging out with them. We asked if she could join in on the lesson,
she was about to leave but then she stayed! We started talking about
temples and then somehow the Spirit helped us get into the
Restoration. When we got to the Book of Mormon, Sabrina read Moroni’s
promise and then her eyes were glued on the book. She kept reading and
she was like this makes so much sense now! She is a strong Christian
with a lot of faith, she was amazed that the Book of Mormon is a
record of the people in the Americas! She was just loving it. It was
so cool too because Melanie kept adding in her testimony like “I
didn’t believe it to be true when they first told me about it, but I
read and prayed and now I know.”
We were like this investigator is literally being a missionary right
now. It was too good.

We will meet with them again this week. It’s hard to see them so often
because they have busy high school lives but they are so cool I just

One last thing, we were praying to know if we should drop Lorina or
not, she hasn’t been calling us back and our last lesson with her was
a month ago and went super well but we hadn’t gotten a hold of her
since. Then the day after praying for that answer, the elders called
us and said they visited her to invite her to church and she was
crying and told them just how much she wants us to come back and that
she wants the gospel in her life. I think that break helped her to see
Sooooo we went over there last night and kind of put things on her
like “We want this for you, but YOU need to want it. Our message will
bless you, but YOU need to act on it.” She was just so humbled and
said she now wanted that more than anything. So we are so excited to
work with her and it was such an answer to our prayers. Lorina is back
on board!

Sorry this email is just a lot of updates, but it’s been a good week.
It hit me this week especially that I just need to stop being stressed
about things. This is His work, I need to not get in the way of that
and just let Him take control. I read D&C 123:17 and it just HIT ME
“Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things
that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost
assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be
Then I realized! I can’t control people’s agency! I can just do all
that lies in my power, cheerfully, then TRUST in the fact that this is
His work and “stand still” to see His hand working in the lives of
these people.
I have been able to share a lot more of the load with Him this week,
and that’s how it should be. I am just His vessel and I need to
remember that way more.

Have a great week!

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