Im in a Trio!

Uh oh I have no time left

But I will just tell you some major things so

Drumroll please

Transfers were Wednesday!!!! So!!!! Where am I!!! Who am I with!!! I

know the suspense is killing you.

I stayed in the Mill Creek ward with Sister Woodruff (HALLELUJAH) and

what do you know we picked up another companion!

Her name is Sister Reil and she is from Canada! We are both training her!

Hahahahahah she is the funniest thing alive. She enjoys puns, and

making number sequences??? She also knows like every scripture we ask

about and talks to her scriptures in the morning. For example this

morning during personal studies she’s all “Oh Moroni you are so bold!”

Things like that. She cracks us up. She is so sweet and has really

added what we have been lacking.

Sister Woodruff and I were so hard on ourselves it was no bueno. It is

so cool because I swear after every lesson Sister Reil goes “That was

wonderful!” And it’s the best, Sister Woodruff and I just look at each

other like hey she has a point!

Companionships are so inspired.

This is her. I have a picture of me by that super cool intersection

but it won’t send. So this one will do for now.

Okay so some sad news this week, we found out that Tina will need

First Presidency approval for the baptism due to an incident in the

past but it’s so cool because she is truly repentant and has just put

everything on the table. We love her and are so excited for her, she

just needs to keep keeping her commitments for a few months so we are

hoping by April she will be able to be baptized! It’s only forward

from here with her, and this will just give her more time to gain that

conviction for the gospel. She understands and wants to just keep

moving forward so SHES AWESOME and is such an example to all of us. So

no baptism this week but IT WILL HAPPEN.

High note though, we picked up a new investigator named Linda and the

Wilson family ate dinner with us at a members home and their families

got along so well. It was awesome when we were giving the thought just

to see the members explaining to the Wilson’s how they came to know

the Book of Mormon was true. It was so real and just friend to friend,

that’s how it should be! We have this gospel and we love it, so why is

it so hard to share it with those we love? It shouldn’t be!

Alright we got to go but I love you all. Yvette and Shawn Spaniar’s

family are in my prayers. I love them so much and I know now more than

ever that the Plan of Salvation is so real and he is happy.

Have a great week sorry for the lame email!

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