Happy New Year

So much to catch up on!


Last week I didn’t send a mass email because Sister Woodruff had the stomach flu on PDAY.


Everything from two weeks ago is all a blur except for Christmas so I will talk about Christmas.

FAMILY I got to skype you and I love you. It was so good to see you, you all look too good. I just love you. And the dogs.

Right after the skype we went caroling just us two to some lonelier people in the ward. 

We went to a woman’s home in the ward we hadn’t met but we heard she would be pretty lonely on Christmas. She opened the door and we started singing Silent Night and then she started crying, her daughter came up behind her and they whispered something as they were watching us sing then her daughter started crying as well. We think maybe one of us looked like someone they knew, or maybe that song was super sentimental to them but it was just a surreal moment. As I was singing I was just thinking THIS IS WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT. 

Later that night we went to the Wilsons to teach the girls about the Christmas Nativity. We watched a part of the nativity video and asked the girls (they’re both 7) about Christ and why He came. The girls asked about how he died, and then they were so sad, they said “Why would they do that to Him?” And “Why did he need to die?”

It really opened up my eyes, because we teach so much about how Christ suffered and died for us that I forget to grasp the reality of that sacrifice. 

Such a good night with them being able to celebrate Christ’s birth together. I’ll forever remember that. 

Okay now onto this week

Really quick, just some REAL GOOD THINGS

President asked us to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover from New Years Eve night starting from 6 pm and then all the next day. We didn’t completely finish yet BUT WOW. The Book of Mormon, my goodness. First off, it’s the word of God, whoever reads that book and sincerely asks God if it is true, willing to act on the answer they receive they WILL find it to be true.

Also, Sister Woodruff and I were talking about it and we have noticed our lessons being so much more guided by the Spirit. It is so true that there is a power in that book. I feel like I am reading it for the first time, I can finally see how it all connects. I have a whole new appreciation for it. 


Denise and her 3 daughters are now on date for February 6th, but now they are able to meet twice a week instead of once so we are aiming for end of January!


We finally met with Roberta, that woman who we met briefly one night who seemed super prepared but has been way busy since. We caught her home and so we asked if we could come in real fast and share a message about Jesus Christ. We showed her the “Because of Him” video and she loved that, she said she got the chills. We asked a lot about her to see where she’s at and what she wants and stated our purpose. She has been looking to know which church to join, and she says she’s been trying to go to this one church but it just doesn’t feel right and then we always show up at her house at the most “perfect time”. She was kind of tripped out by it, hehe I love tripping people out. Heavenly Father makes everything work out in perfect timing it is the best. 

We now will be teaching her and her two adorable kids. So excited. 

Last thing, we have been meeting with a man named Ronnie. He is in humble circumstances and so prepared. He is just soaking up the lessons. And when we call to schedule an appointment he wants to meet with us as soon as possible! Our last lesson with him, wow. He said that he just felt happy when he hears these lessons, we asked him to explain how he felt after we quoted the first vision because we could both feel the Spirit so strong. He said he can’t describe it so then we said try to! He said he felt peace, a lot of peace. We let him know that that was the Spirit testifying to him that these things are true. He also told us that because of what he’s been learning he hasn’t had suicidal thoughts anymore, I was just speechless. I didn’t know he was having those thoughts but I wanted to cry. We have only had about 3 lessons with him, but it is just amazing to see what Christ can do for people.

I was so happy that night I literally couldn’t fall asleep I had to pray to be less happy. No joke. 

a ALSO Our church time changed from 9 to 11:30 so it was packed. We also had 7 investigators at church! The Wilson family finally came! Then there was Tina (who’s getting baptized on the 16th) and Denise and her girls and Naomi! Thank you time change. 

This week I have really felt such an appreciation for my opportunity here. I have always thought this mission is my “gift to the Savior” but I have come to realize this is His gift to me. Seriously it’s an honor and a privilege.

I love you all! Happy New Year!

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