It’s December


Tina! She has been searching for a job for a good two months. One day she started really talking with us about how it’s impacting her so we decided to fast. We fasted Sunday then Monday morning she texts us, SHE FOUND A JOB!

Fasting is so real. She started working so we are so happy for her but now it’s harder to find time to meet with her :/. BUT WE WILL FIND TIME.
We are preparing Jami for baptism and so excited for her. We aren’t sure on a date yet but I’ll keep ya posted of course.
So we planned on a solid 20 people coming to church. Literally they were all solid. We even texted them the night before and most of them responded saying they would see us there!
4 ended up coming, Denise and her 3 girls, WHO WE LOVE. But man, hahaha sometimes it’s like people’s agency<<<.
Dearest parents, I am starting to realize the frustration of me not obeying as a child, even when what you wanted me to do was for my benefit! It’s frustrating because sometimes you just want to show these people a vision of their future with the gospel, but if they saw that vision they would of course be ALL IN so I guess that’s where the learning, progression and faith come in.
OH also, I met one of our investigators Lorina and my goodness we had the best lesson with her. She was about in tears (the good kind), and she wants to know so badly for herself if the Book of Mormon is true, so we committed her to read and pray daily, which was something she hadn’t been doing. And she is now all in. So I hope it stays that way.
Also whenever I say we had the best lesson etc. I mean that the Spirit was there strongly. Nothing from our own talents and abilities, that’s for sure. It is amazing to see the Spirit working with these people to make commitments.
This weekend they were having an “art and music festival” at the church and they had hundreds of nativities set up and then musical performances about every 15 minutes. Last night we met the Wilson family there! Mark, Christy, their daughter Ashley and her daughter and their two twin girls. They are the greatest. They’re the ones where the dad is a member and Christy and the twins are getting baptized in April when the twins are old enough. It was a great night.
I also saw Nana’s cousin who has been looking everywhere for me! I know she sent you pictures, haha she is the sweetest. At the end of talking with her she pulls out a box of Sees chocolates and is all “this is for you” I’m like what we just met you are amazing how did you know chocolate runs in my blood.
She probably knew because we share the same blood!!!!!
But it’s funny there have been so many people coming up to me this week “Are you Sister Peterson? Your relative has been trying to find you!”
So FINALLY we met. I will be seeing a lot more of her since she’s in the stake so that was cool.
One last thought. I have been reading in 3 Nephi. Just wow. I have always known that I loved those chapters, but there is something about reading it this time, especially chapter 17. I really feel the closeness to my Savior that I have been promising to people as they read. The Book of Mormon really does help strengthen my testimony of the reality of Christ. He lives, and what a better time to read this account of His visit than Christmas time? Read that this season, and read about His birth. Just read about Him! Center your Christmas on Him. I can’t begin to express my love for Him, I promise you will feel of His love for you as you read and come to know Him in a more personal way.
The scriptures>>>>>
The work is great, still love my companion, still love the people but even more than last week. Thank you for all your support. I know I make the mission sound dandy, it is so much hard work and patience and frustration sometimes, and I feel like I have never been so CONDEMNED in my life haha but that’s what is necessary to make me humble for the work and to help me see that THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. It’s the weirdest thing to describe but I LOVE IT.
Also, I have forgotten a few details. We share our ward with elders!
Have I mentioned that?? Maybe I have. But it makes life easier because
we don’t really teach guys so we can visit without a member.
Also I’m a little behind but here are some pictures.
The temple one is recent and the last one is just my old companion
slash roommates so you could even stick that in one of my emails from
that time period
I love you have a great week. Thank you for EVERYTHING. I miss you humans.

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