I am alive

So apparently this town is making the news??

So yeah I promise I am alive I WAS NOT HARMED. The people down here are all freaking out though, and it’s weird because I feel so disconnected not watching the news. Like should I be scared? Somehow we aren’t scared so that’s good.
They shot the couple a few streets down from our apartment. Sister Woodruff and I didn’t realize how close we were to it until the next day when we saw all the caution tape and news reporters.
We stayed safe though and luckily weren’t anywhere near our apartment that night.
I love you guys and all your concerned emails, I wish I could have replied, BUT DON’T WORRY EVER AGAIN. I am protected.
But the ward is pretty shook up about it. It’s interesting though how this is bringing everyone closer together as a ward and community. You see it over and over in the scriptures. Tragedy can stir people to remembrance of the important things.
Speaking of safety, there have been countless times where both me and Sister Woodruff don’t feel good about being somewhere or going somewhere. Not to freak you out, but if anything that should make you feel better because the Spirit lets us know when we shouldn’t be in an area. We aren’t sure if sometimes it’s because it is unsafe or because we should be somewhere else where there are prepared people waiting for us, but either way we both will end up feeling the same way!
But man this week, we put Tina on date for January 2nd. Our lesson with her was so great. We’ll have one with her tomorrow as well. We also met with Janice and the Spirit was so strong in that lesson. We almost for sure thought she wouldn’t give up a certain thing to live the Word of Wisdom but she decided that she wanted to! It was huge. I hope she really is trying to abstain from it. Also, Jami, who was on date for the 19th might have to be pushed back a little. I’ll keep you updated.
We prayed so earnestly one day this week to find a family that will be able to be baptized in December. We found a lot of semi-interested people. We finally met with a mother that has been on our list of potentials for a while. She said we could come back for a lesson this week with her family and apparently she has agreed to baptism before! We aren’t sure where it will go, but we hope this is the family that will be baptized in December!
Also, coolest thing. We were having the most off day and we kept wondering what it was. Towards the end of the night we just wanted to give up but then we tried one more house. It was the house of Anna, a potential investigator we had never met. We knocked and a woman named Roberta said Anna doesn’t live there anymore. Roberta just moved in a month ago and is a mother, she is looking for a church and said she would love to take lessons. What is life. So cool. Afterwards me and Sister Woodruff just looked at each other like what just happened.
We are meeting with her this Thursday! There are so many people out there who are prepared we just need to find them! Every single day I notice more and more that the timing of everything is just too perfect. Everything happens for a reason and the Lord is 100 percent behind this work! I have said that a million times but it is so true.
I have had the best week and a half of my mission so far. I love this place and I love Sister Woodruff. I was scared that I would never have laugh attacks on my mission because there was no one who I could laugh with but I can gratefully say that we laugh way too hard together and it’s the best thing. Everything is so exciting and I don’t even know why I am so happy because it is a lot of work and waking up at 6:30 has never been my thing but I LOVE IT.
Thank you so much for your pre-Christmas package. Like what? Who even does that? You guys are the greatest. And huge shout out to Papa for the Christmas tree. It is my favorite thing I need to show you pictures of it. I am just impressed that I could put it together, thanks for not making the set up too difficult:)
Also, we decided this week that we really need to get to steppin on getting some good family nights in with members and investigators or non-members and inactive families. So it’s crazy that you just emailed me about that dad!
I love you all, have such a great week!

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