Missionary Life

I love life.

So could I be more obsessed with my companion? Probably not. Sister
Woodruff is technically in training but she seems to have been out on
her mission for a good year. She is my favorite person. She’s 23 and
has read hair, she’s way pretty and just the best. We are so pumped
about this transfer.

Since we are both newbies we aren’t really set in our ways so we are
making tons of goals and trying new things and we have some high hopes
for this area.

THIS AREA. Oh my. So I have seen the temple every day since I’ve been
here. Our ward is right across from the temple!!! How cool is that?!!!

The ward is PUMPED about missionary work and there is a pool of
investigators we are working with.

It’s such a contrast from Palm Springs. The ward is about the size of
the Mesa word. MORMONS EVERYWHERE. It’s so amazing how the members
just fellowship all of the people we are teaching.

We are teaching a lot of less active members, but there are also a lot
of investigators. Since I got here we have taught Jamie and Tina and
Jamie is on date for December 19! Tina is soon to be on date for
January 2nd (that’s our plan at least). We have a lesson with them
this week at the temple!

Then we taught Denise and her 3 girls. We asked them to be baptized
and they said they had already been baptized so we are trying to help
them understand the need for the priesthood authority. They are
amazing and the girls are super into it as well.

Oh and all 6 of these people were at church yesterday!


I am so pumped. Sister Woodruff and I are talking with everyone and
always bringing the gospel into our conversations. In fact, at the
grocery store parking lot just now we talked with a man named George
who ended up telling us he had read the Book of Mormon and he asked if
it replaces the bible. We were pleased to tell him no, they go hand in
hand. We talked a little bit more with him and he is so excited. He
lives out of our area but is SO PREPARED so we will send the
missionaries his way. He even asked if we could pray with him before
we left. Um YES.

If we wouldn’t have opened our mouths we would have never had that opportunity!

Last night we went to a potentials house and prayed that we would find
her home, the front gate was locked and so we couldn’t get in but then
all the sudden the garage opens and there she is! So we talked with
her and we are meeting with her again this week.

No coincidences.

Things are starting to click with me. I am really starting to ask
myself if every contact with someone or lesson with them is helping
them come closer to Christ. The lessons are becoming less robotic and
I feel so much love for these people I just want to HELP THEM. We have
been working with a young woman in the ward who doesn’t have a
testimony or pray. In that lesson we really just wanted to help her.
It didn’t matter if we could check everything off the teaching record,
but just if we could help her come closer to Christ. We committed her
to pray everyday and talked with her on the same level, because we all
need this gospel just as much as anyone else. It was powerful, and my
desire to help anyone I meet is growing stronger.

This isn’t about people getting to baptism, it is much much more. It’s
about them getting to live with Heavenly Father again and have a
fullness of joy. He wants them back, I feel it. He wants all of you
that are reading this to return to live with Him again once more and I
know that it is through the Gospel that Christ has established, that
has been restored to the earth today, that all of this is possible.
Christ is at the head of this church. I know it.

Thanks for all of the videos from thanksgiving! I love all of you thank you!
Thanksgiving here was great, we ate with a family in the ward who had
a lot of relatives over. I took their huge family picture for them and
accidentally left out one of the girls from the picture. Life.
So we retook it at the end.

I have to say though, no thanksgiving compares to one in Vegas with
the Peterson’s.

P.S. Huge Happy Birthday to Grandpa and Paige!

Thanks for all of the support. Have a really really reaaaallly great week.
Love you all.

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